An advanced rendering pipeline for Panda3D
"Midnight Crash," from ETC's Building Virtual Worlds class.
Plith, a fast-paced puzzle game

Panda3D Learning Resources

The manual is the principal source of information for the Panda3D developer. It includes a Tutorial to get you started and it will walk you through all the aspects of Panda3D.
Automatically generated Python API reference.
Automatically generated C++ API reference.
Cheat sheets (Manual section)
These helpful cheat sheets explain some basic Panda3D concepts in a nutshell. They are useful to have around for a quick overview or reference.
Videos (Manual section)
Lists some videos recorded by contributors and Disney that cover different topics.
Sample Applications (Manual section)
Panda3D includes many illustrative sample applications. This section of the manual summarizes the different features they demonstrate and the difficulty level of each application.