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Python C++

Just Works, Right out of the Box


No-hassle install:

  • Convenient installer packages for Windows, macOS and Linux
  • Supports Windows versions all the way from Windows XP to Windows 10
  • Supports Mac OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard" through macOS 10.13 "High Sierra"
  • Only one external dependency: working graphics driver
  • Sample programs run right out of Start Menu
  • No compilation step needed

Full Python Integration


Automatically-generated wrappers expose full functionality of the engine.

  • All Python versions from 2.6 to newest 3.7 supported
  • Highly optimized: all core functionality in C++
  • Thoroughly-tested: two commercial MMOs in Python
  • Panda3D structures garbage collected when using Python
  • Manual and sample programs use Python

Exposes Full Power of Graphics API


Modern OpenGL/DirectX features exposed directly to Panda3D user:

  • High-level shader languages: Cg, GLSL
  • Powerful interface between shaders and engine
  • Support for render-to-texture, multiple render targets
  • Use of depth/shadow/stencil textures
  • Support for tessellation and compute shaders

Shader Generation


Many advanced rendering techniques now fully automatic:

  • Special Maps: Normal Map, Gloss Map, Glow Map
  • HDR Rendering: Tone Mapping, Bloom Filter
  • Cel Shading: Threshold Lighting, Inking
  • Shadow Mapping
  • Fullscreen filters such as Bloom, Cartoon Inking, Volumetric Lightning, Blur/Sharpen and Ambient Occlusion, as well as the ability to use your own
  • More to come

3D Pipeline


Get models from your 3d modeller to Panda3D easily:

  • Powerful EGG/BAM format
  • EGG exporters for Maya, Blender and 3ds Max
  • Support for other 3d formats (collada, x, lwo, obj, dxf, wrl, flt)
  • Converters between different 3d formats and EGG



Several options for adding sounds to your game:

  • Support for the OpenAL audio engine
  • Support for the FMOD audio engine
  • Support for the Miles audio engine



Several options for physics simulation:

  • Built-in simple physics engine
  • Support for the Bullet physics engine
  • Support for the ODE physics engine

Particle Effects


Panda3D has its own Particle System:

  • Particle effects can be stored in text files
  • Particle editor included for creating and editing particle effects



Panda3D comes with a set of tools for the creation of a graphical interface:

  • Native DirectGUI system
  • Efficient text rendering system
  • Various third-party library options

Artificial Intelligence


Simple AI library "PandaAI" included:

  • Steering behaviors: Seek, Flee, Pursue, Evade, Wander, Flock, Obstacle Avoidance, Path Following
  • Path Finding
  • Navigation Mesh generator for EGG files

Performance Monitoring


Powerful performance monitoring and optimization tools:

  • Identifies bottlenecks, both CPU and GPU
  • CPU time use decomposed into more than 250 categories
  • Counts meshes, polygons, textures, transforms, state changes, etc
  • Allows user-defined CPU-usage categories
  • Tools for batching and state-change minimization
  • Tools to merge textures and minimize texture switches
  • Times draw calls using GPU timer queries

Debugging Tools


Heavy emphasis on error tolerance and debuggable code:

  • Extreme resistance to crashing, even when errors are made
  • More than 5000 assertion-checks to catch errors early
  • Reference-counted data structures minimize memory leaks
  • Many tools to examine internal state (one shown here)

Mature, Complete System


Mature system used to deliver several commercial games. Contains everything you need, not just the "sexy" stuff:

  • Converters for a number of file formats
  • Font file importers
  • Tools to package games into redistributables
  • Means to pack art assets into encrypted bundles
  • Lots of other boring but essential stuff