Motion Paths

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Motion paths in Panda3D are splines created by a modeler that are then exported to egg files. These egg files are then imported into a program, and various nodes can then use the motion path for complex movement. A viable egg file for a motion path has the “curve” tag.

First, the Mopath and MopathInterval modules must be loaded. While motion paths come with their own play functions, a motion path interval allows for more functionality.

from direct.directutil import Mopath
from direct.interval.MopathInterval import *

With the modules loaded, the motion path is loaded much like an actor is loaded. A NodePath is created with the knowledge that it will be used for a motion path, and then the file is loaded.

myMotionPathName = Mopath.Mopath()
myMotionPathName.loadFile("File Path")

Finally, the motion path interval may be created, and played like any interval can. The interval requires not only the name of the motion path, but also the NodePath that will be affected by it.

myInterval = MopathInterval(myMotionPathName, myNodePath, name = "Name")
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