Particle Effect Basic Parameters

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Every particle effect needs at least eleven parameters. These govern the overall properties, such as the number of particles on the screen, the birth and death rates, and the renderer, emitter, and factory that are used.

Variable Definition Values
poolSize Maximum number of simultaneous particles [0, infinity)
birthRate Seconds between particle births (0, infinity)
litterSize Number of particles created at each birth [1, infinity)
litterSpread Variation of litter size [0, infinity)
localVelocityFlag Whether or not velocities are absolute Boolean
systemGrowsOlder Whether or not the system has a lifespan Boolean
systemLifespan Age of the system in seconds [0, infinity)
BaseParticleRenderer* renderer Pointer to particle renderer Renderer type
BaseParticleRenderer* emitter Pointer to particle emitter Emitter type
BaseParticleRenderer* factory Pointer to particle factory Factory type

The renderer, emitter, and factory types will be discussed in the next three sections.

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