The Scene Graph Browser

Don't mind the mess!

We're currently in the process of migrating the Panda3D Manual to a new service. This is a temporary layout in the meantime.

The Scene Graph Browser is only available when 'Direct Tools' are enabled. Information on enabling 'Direct Tools' is available in the Panda Tools section.

In the main Direct Session window, there are several scene placement tools available through the tabs at the right side of the screen. Clicking on these tabs will bring up a dialog box with the various properties for these aspects. On the left side of the panel is a collapsible scene graph for the render parent node. Right click any of the objects to bring up a list of possible commands.


Of particular interest is the placer panel, selected by the place command for an object. This brings up a separate window that may alter the position, orientation, and scale for the selected object. A dialog box at the top of the window allows these movements to be relative to another object in the program.


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