Panda3D Manual: License Info

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While Panda3D itself uses the Modified BSD license, it brings together many third-party libraries released under different licenses. This page provides information on the different libraries and their licenses.



Panda3D takes no responsibility for any act committed using the information presented here. For legal advice, it is recommended to consult a lawyer.

Library Index

Library License Notes
Panda3D BSD license
Python PSF license
ZLib zlib license
libpng libpng license
libjpeg libjpeg license
libtiff libtiff license
squish MIT license
OpenSSL OpenSSL license Must include this acknowledgement with distribution:
This product includes software written by Tim Hudson (

Some governments place restrictions on cryptography.

FCollada MIT license
VRPN Public domain
OpenCV BSD license
FreeType FreeType License or GPL To distribute under a proprietary license, FreeType License must be chosen instead of GPLv2. Use of FreeType must be acknowledged in product documentation.
Netpbm Artistic License or MIT license or GPL
FFmpeg LGPL Must link dynamically.
Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) LGPL or Modified BSD License
Bullet Physics zlib license
libRocket MIT License
ARToolKit GPL or Proprietary To distribute under a proprietary license, GPL must not be used, and ARToolKit proprietary license must be purchased.
FFTW GPL or Proprietary To distribute under a proprietary license, GPL must not be used, and FFTW proprietary license must be purchased.
MFC Proprietary Windows libraries.
DirectX Proprietary Windows libraries.
Nvidia Cg Toolkit Proprietary Required to use the Panda3D Shader Generator, which utilizes Nvidia Cg.
FMOD Proprietary Non-commercial distribution costs nothing.

Commercial distribution costs between US$100 and US$6000 depending on FMOD licensing option.

Patent Restriction Issues


MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 (MP3), while commonly used, is recommended against. The format has patent and licensing issues in many countries. Unlicensed use of MP3 runs the risk of infringing in these countries. Licensing the use of MP3 costs at minimum royalties of US$15000 per calendar year.


Other MPEG related formats are restricted by patents as well. Finding the prices of licenses for these formats is not even as easy as it is with MP3. More info here.

Recommended Alternatives

Free alternatives exist and are highly encouraged. These formats include Ogg Vorbis (lossy) and Ogg FLAC (lossless) for audio, and Ogg Theora for video.