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1 /**
3  * Copyright (c) Carnegie Mellon University. All rights reserved.
4  *
5  * All use of this software is subject to the terms of the revised BSD
6  * license. You should have received a copy of this license along
7  * with this source code in a file named "LICENSE."
8  *
9  * @file loaderFileTypeEgg.h
10  * @author drose
11  * @date 2000-06-20
12  */
17 #include "pandabase.h"
19 #include "loaderFileType.h"
21 /**
22  * This defines the Loader interface to read Egg files.
23  */
24 class EXPCL_PANDAEGG LoaderFileTypeEgg : public LoaderFileType {
25 public:
28  virtual string get_name() const;
29  virtual string get_extension() const;
30  virtual bool supports_compressed() const;
32  virtual bool supports_load() const;
33  virtual bool supports_save() const;
35  virtual PT(PandaNode) load_file(const Filename &path, const LoaderOptions &optoins,
36  BamCacheRecord *record) const;
37  virtual bool save_file(const Filename &path, const LoaderOptions &options,
38  PandaNode *node) const;
40 public:
41  static TypeHandle get_class_type() {
42  return _type_handle;
43  }
44  static void init_type() {
45  LoaderFileType::init_type();
46  register_type(_type_handle, "LoaderFileTypeEgg",
47  LoaderFileType::get_class_type());
48  }
49  virtual TypeHandle get_type() const {
50  return get_class_type();
51  }
52  virtual TypeHandle force_init_type() {init_type(); return get_class_type();}
54 private:
55  static TypeHandle _type_handle;
56 };
58 #endif
void register_type(TypeHandle &type_handle, const string &name)
This inline function is just a convenient way to call TypeRegistry::register_type(), along with zero to four record_derivation()s.
Definition: register_type.I:22
A basic node of the scene graph or data graph.
Definition: pandaNode.h:63
The name of a file, such as a texture file or an Egg file.
Definition: filename.h:39
PANDA 3D SOFTWARE Copyright (c) Carnegie Mellon University.
virtual bool supports_compressed() const
Returns true if this file type can transparently load compressed files (with a .pz or ...
PANDA 3D SOFTWARE Copyright (c) Carnegie Mellon University.
Specifies parameters that may be passed to the loader.
Definition: loaderOptions.h:23
virtual bool supports_load() const
Returns true if the file type can be used to load files, and load_file() is supported.
virtual bool supports_save() const
Returns true if the file type can be used to save files, and save_file() is supported.
This defines the Loader interface to read Egg files.
This is the base class for a family of scene-graph file types that the Loader supports.
PT(BoundingVolume) NodePath return node() -> get_bounds(current_thread) ->make_copy()
Returns a newly-allocated bounding volume containing the bottom node and all of its descendants...
An instance of this class is written to the front of a Bam or Txo file to make the file a cached inst...