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TwoDWalker Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for TwoDWalker:

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, gravity=-32.1740, standableGround=0.707, hardLandingForce=16.0)
def handleAvatarControls (self, task)
def jumpPressed (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GravityWalker
def __init__ (self, gravity=64.348, standableGround=0.707, hardLandingForce=16.0, legacyLifter=False)
def addBlastForce (self, vector)
def debugPrint (self, message)
def deleteCollisions (self)
def disableAvatarControls (self)
def displayDebugInfo (self)
def doDeltaPos (self)
def enableAvatarControls (self)
def flushEventHandlers (self)
def getAirborneHeight (self)
def getCollisionsActive (self)
def getGravity (self, gravity)
def getIsAirborne (self)
def getSpeeds (self)
def getVelocity (self)
def initializeCollisions (self, collisionTraverser, avatarNodePath, avatarRadius=1.4, floorOffset=1.0, reach=1.0)
def oneTimeCollide (self)
def placeOnFloor (self)
def reset (self)
def setAirborneHeightFunc (self, unused_parameter)
def setAvatar (self, avatar)
def setAvatarPhysicsIndicator (self, indicator)
def setCollisionRayHeight (self, height)
def setCollisionsActive (self, active=1)
def setFloorBitMask (self, bitMask)
def setGravity (self, gravity)
def setMayJump (self, task)
def setPriorParentVector (self)
def setTag (self, key, value)
def setupEventSphere (self, bitmask, avatarRadius)
def setupFloorSphere (self, bitmask, avatarRadius)
def setupRay (self, bitmask, floorOffset, reach)
def setupWallSphere (self, bitmask, avatarRadius)
def setWalkSpeed (self, forward, jump, reverse, rotate)
def setWallBitMask (self, bitMask)
def startJumpDelay (self, delay)
def swapFloorBitMask (self, oldMask, newMask)

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from GravityWalker

Static Public Attributes

 earlyEventSphere = ConfigVariableBool('early-event-sphere', False)
 notify = directNotify.newCategory("TwoDWalker")
 wantDebugIndicator = ConfigVariableBool('want-avatar-physics-indicator', False)
 wantFloorSphere = ConfigVariableBool('want-floor-sphere', False)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from GravityWalker
int DiagonalFactor = math.sqrt(2.) / 2.
 earlyEventSphere = ConfigVariableBool('early-event-sphere', False)
 notify = directNotify.newCategory("GravityWalker")
 wantDebugIndicator = ConfigVariableBool('want-avatar-physics-indicator', False)
 wantFloorSphere = ConfigVariableBool('want-floor-sphere', False)

Detailed Description

The TwoDWalker is primarily for a 2D Scroller game environment. Eg - Toon Blitz minigame.
TODO: This class is still work in progress.
Currently Toon Blitz is using this only for jumping.
Moving the Toon left to right is handled by toontown/src/minigame/
I eventually want this class to control all the 2 D movements, possibly with a
customizable input list.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def __init__ (   self,
  gravity = -32.1740,
  standableGround = 0.707,
  hardLandingForce = 16.0 

Member Function Documentation

◆ handleAvatarControls()

def handleAvatarControls (   self,
Check on the arrow keys and update the avatar.

Reimplemented from GravityWalker.

◆ jumpPressed()

def jumpPressed (   self)
This function should be called from TwoDDrive when the jump key is pressed.

Member Data Documentation

◆ earlyEventSphere

earlyEventSphere = ConfigVariableBool('early-event-sphere', False)

◆ isAirborne


◆ notify

notify = directNotify.newCategory("TwoDWalker")

◆ priorParent


◆ wantDebugIndicator

wantDebugIndicator = ConfigVariableBool('want-avatar-physics-indicator', False)

◆ wantFloorSphere

wantFloorSphere = ConfigVariableBool('want-floor-sphere', False)