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DistributedObjectGlobalUD Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for DistributedObjectGlobalUD:
DistributedObjectUD DistributedObjectBase DirectObject

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, air)
def announceGenerate (self)
def delete (self)
def execCommand (self, command, mwMgrId, avId, zoneId)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DistributedObjectUD
def getDeleteEvent (self)
def sendDeleteEvent (self)
def status (self, indent=0)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DistributedObjectBase
def getLocation (self)
def getParentObj (self)
def handleChildArrive (self, childObj, zoneId)
def handleChildArriveZone (self, childObj, zoneId)
def handleChildLeave (self, childObj, zoneId)
def handleChildLeaveZone (self, childObj, zoneId)
def handleQueryObjectChildrenLocalDone (self, context)
def hasParentingRules (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DirectObject
def __init__ (self)
def accept (self, event, method, extraArgs=[])
def acceptOnce (self, event, method, extraArgs=[])
def addTask (self, *args, **kwargs)
def detectLeaks (self)
def doMethodLater (self, *args, **kwargs)
def getAllAccepting (self)
def ignore (self, event)
def ignoreAll (self)
def isAccepting (self, event)
def isIgnoring (self, event)
def removeAllTasks (self)
def removeTask (self, taskOrName)

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from DistributedObjectUD
- Public Attributes inherited from DistributedObjectBase

Static Public Attributes

int doNotDeallocateChannel = 1
int isGlobalDistObj = 1
 notify = directNotify.newCategory('DistributedObjectGlobalUD')
- Static Public Attributes inherited from DistributedObjectUD
 notify = directNotify.newCategory("DistributedObjectUD")
int QuietZone = 1
- Static Public Attributes inherited from DistributedObjectBase
 notify = directNotify.newCategory("DistributedObjectBase")
- Static Public Attributes inherited from DirectObject
def accept_once = acceptOnce
def add_task = addTask
def detect_leaks = detectLeaks
def do_method_later = doMethodLater
def get_all_accepting = getAllAccepting
def ignore_all = ignoreAll
def is_accepting = isAccepting
def is_ignoring = isIgnoring
def remove_all_tasks = removeAllTasks
def remove_task = removeTask

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def __init__ (   self,

Reimplemented from DistributedObjectUD.

Member Function Documentation

◆ announceGenerate()

def announceGenerate (   self)

◆ delete()

def delete (   self)
Inheritors should redefine this to take appropriate action on delete
Note that this may be called multiple times if a class inherits
from DistributedObjectUD more than once.

Reimplemented from DistributedObjectUD.

◆ execCommand()

def execCommand (   self,

Member Data Documentation

◆ doNotDeallocateChannel

int doNotDeallocateChannel = 1

◆ ExecNamespace


◆ isGlobalDistObj

int isGlobalDistObj = 1

◆ notify

notify = directNotify.newCategory('DistributedObjectGlobalUD')