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ProjectileInterval Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ProjectileInterval:
Interval DirectObject

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, node, startPos=None, endPos=None, duration=None, startVel=None, endZ=None, wayPoint=None, timeToWayPoint=None, gravityMult=None, name=None, collNode=None)
def privInitialize (self, t)
def privInstant (self)
def privStep (self, t)
def testTrajectory (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Interval
def __init__ (self, name, duration, openEnded=1)
def __repr__ (self, indent=0)
def clearToInitial (self)
def finish (self)
def getDoneEvent (self)
def getDuration (self)
def getLoop (self)
def getName (self)
def getOpenEnded (self)
def getPlayRate (self)
def getState (self)
def getT (self)
def intervalDone (self)
def isPaused (self)
def isPlaying (self)
def isStopped (self)
def loop (self, startT=0.0, endT=-1.0, playRate=1.0)
def pause (self)
def popupControls (self, tl=None)
def privDoEvent (self, t, event)
def privFinalize (self)
def privInterrupt (self)
def privPostEvent (self)
def privReverseFinalize (self)
def privReverseInitialize (self, t)
def privReverseInstant (self)
def resume (self, startT=None)
def resumeUntil (self, endT)
def setDoneEvent (self, event)
def setLoop (self, loop=1)
def setPlayRate (self, playRate)
def setT (self, t)
def setupPlay (self, startT, endT, playRate, doLoop)
def setupResume (self)
def start (self, startT=0.0, endT=-1.0, playRate=1.0)
def stepPlay (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DirectObject
def __init__ (self)
def accept (self, event, method, extraArgs=[])
def acceptOnce (self, event, method, extraArgs=[])
def addTask (self, *args, **kwargs)
def detectLeaks (self)
def doMethodLater (self, *args, **kwargs)
def getAllAccepting (self)
def ignore (self, event)
def ignoreAll (self)
def isAccepting (self, event)
def isIgnoring (self, event)
def removeAllTasks (self)
def removeTask (self, taskOrName)

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from Interval

Static Public Attributes

int gravity = 32.
 notify = directNotify.newCategory('ProjectileInterval')
int projectileIntervalNum = 1
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Interval
 notify = directNotify.newCategory("Interval")
int playbackCounter = 0
- Static Public Attributes inherited from DirectObject
def accept_once = acceptOnce
def add_task = addTask
def detect_leaks = detectLeaks
def do_method_later = doMethodLater
def get_all_accepting = getAllAccepting
def ignore_all = ignoreAll
def is_accepting = isAccepting
def is_ignoring = isIgnoring
def remove_all_tasks = removeAllTasks
def remove_task = removeTask

Additional Inherited Members

- Properties inherited from Interval
 done_event = property(getDoneEvent, setDoneEvent)
 open_ended = property(getOpenEnded)
 play_rate = property(getPlayRate, setPlayRate)
 stopped = property(isStopped)
 t = property(getT, setT)

Detailed Description

ProjectileInterval class: moves a nodepath through the trajectory
of a projectile under the influence of gravity

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def __init__ (   self,
  startPos = None,
  endPos = None,
  duration = None,
  startVel = None,
  endZ = None,
  wayPoint = None,
  timeToWayPoint = None,
  gravityMult = None,
  name = None,
  collNode = None 
You may specify several different sets of input parameters.
(If startPos is not provided, it will be obtained from the node's
position at the time that the interval is first started. Note that
in this case you must provide a duration of some kind.)

# go from startPos to endPos in duration seconds
startPos, endPos, duration
# given a starting velocity, go for a specific time period
startPos, startVel, duration
# given a starting velocity, go until you hit a given Z plane
startPos, startVel, endZ
# pass through wayPoint at time 'timeToWayPoint'. Go until
# you hit a given Z plane
startPos, wayPoint, timeToWayPoint, endZ

You may alter gravity by providing a multiplier in 'gravityMult'.
'2.' will make gravity twice as strong, '.5' half as strong.
'-1.' will reverse gravity

If collNode is not None, it should be an empty CollisionNode
which will be filled with an appropriate CollisionParabola
when the interval starts.  This CollisionParabola will be set
to match the interval's parabola, and its t1, t2 values will
be updated automatically as the interval plays.  It will *not*
be automatically removed from the node when the interval

Member Function Documentation

◆ privInitialize()

def privInitialize (   self,

Reimplemented from Interval.

◆ privInstant()

def privInstant (   self)

Reimplemented from Interval.

◆ privStep()

def privStep (   self,

Reimplemented from Interval.

◆ testTrajectory()

def testTrajectory (   self)

Member Data Documentation

◆ collNode


◆ duration


◆ endPos


◆ gravity

int gravity = 32.

◆ implicitStartPos


◆ node


◆ notify

notify = directNotify.newCategory('ProjectileInterval')

◆ parabola


◆ projectileIntervalNum

int projectileIntervalNum = 1

◆ startPos


◆ startVel


◆ trajectoryArgs


◆ zAcc