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AnimMgr Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, editor)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AnimMgrBase
def calculateT (self, a, b, c, d, x)
def colorUpdate (self, r, g, b, a, np)
def createActorAnimation (self, parallel, startFrame, endFrame)
def createCurveAnimation (self, parallel)
def createCurveKeyFrameAnimation (self, parallel, startFrame, endFrame)
def createKeyFrameAnimation (self, parallel, startFrame, endFrame)
def createParallel (self, startFrame, endFrame)
def generateKeyFrames (self)
def generateSlope (self, list)
def getPos (self, x, list, i)
def lerpCurveFuncX (self, t, extraArgs)
def lerpCurveFuncY (self, t, extraArgs)
def lerpCurveFuncZ (self, t, extraArgs)
def lerpFuncCA (self, A, np)
def lerpFuncCB (self, B, np)
def lerpFuncCG (self, G, np)
def lerpFuncCR (self, R, np)
def lerpFuncH (self, angle, np)
def lerpFuncP (self, angle, np)
def lerpFuncR (self, angle, np)
def lerpFuncSX (self, scale, np)
def lerpFuncSY (self, scale, np)
def lerpFuncSZ (self, scale, np)
def lerpFuncX (self, pos, np)
def lerpFuncY (self, pos, np)
def lerpFuncZ (self, pos, np)
def removeAnimInfo (self, uid)
def reset (self)
def singleCurveAnimation (self, nodePath, curve, time)

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 self.hprs.append(hpr) More...

Detailed Description

Animation will create, manage, update animations in the scene 

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def __init__ (   self,

Reimplemented from AnimMgrBase.