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ObjectMgr Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, editor)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ObjectMgrBase
def addNewCurve (self, curveInfo, degree, uid=None, parent=None, fSelectObject=True, nodePath=None)
def addNewCurveFromFile (self, curveInfo, degree, uid=None, parent=None, fSelectObject=True, nodePath=None)
def addNewObject (self, typeName, uid=None, model=None, parent=None, anim=None, fSelectObject=True, nodePath=None, nameStr=None)
def deselectAll (self)
def duplicateChild (self, nodePath, parent)
def duplicateObject (self, nodePath, parent=None)
def duplicateSelected (self)
def findActors (self, parent)
def findNodes (self, parent)
def findObjectById (self, uid)
def findObjectByNodePath (self, nodePath)
def findObjectByNodePathBelow (self, nodePath)
def findObjectsByTypeName (self, typeName)
def flatten (self, newobjModel, model, objDef, uid)
def genUniqueId (self)
def getPostSaveData (self)
def getPreSaveData (self)
def getSaveData (self)
def makeSelectedLive (self)
def onEnterObjectPropUI (self, event)
def onLeaveObjectPropUI (self, event)
def removeObjectById (self, uid)
def removeObjectByNodePath (self, nodePath)
def replaceObjectWithTypeName (self, obj, typeName)
def reset (self)
def selectObject (self, nodePath, fLEPane=0)
def selectObjectCB (self, obj, fLEPane)
def setObjectTransform (self, uid, xformMat)
def spawnUpdateObjectUITask (self)
def traverse (self, parent, parentId=None)
def updateCurve (self, val, obj)
def updateObjectAnim (self, anim, obj, fSelectObject=True)
def updateObjectAnimFromUI (self, event, obj)
def updateObjectColor (self, r, g, b, a, np=None)
def updateObjectModel (self, model, obj, fSelectObject=True)
def updateObjectModelFromUI (self, event, obj)
def updateObjectProperties (self, nodePath, propValues)
def updateObjectProperty (self, event, obj, propName)
def updateObjectPropertyUI (self, obj)
def updateObjectPropValue (self, obj, propName, val, fSelectObject=False, fUndo=True)
def updateObjectTransform (self, event)
def updateObjectUITask (self, state)

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Detailed Description

ObjectMgr will create, manage, update objects in the scene 

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def __init__ (   self,

Reimplemented from ObjectMgrBase.