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ThreeUpShow Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ThreeUpShow:
ShowBase DirectObject

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self)
def makeCamera (self, win, sort=0, scene=None, displayRegion=(0, 1, 0, 1), stereo=None, aspectRatio=None, clearDepth=0, clearColor=None, lens=None, camName='cam', mask=None, useCamera=None)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ShowBase
def __init__ (self, fStartDirect=True, windowType=None)
def addAngularIntegrator (self)
def addSfxManager (self, extraSfxManager)
def adjustWindowAspectRatio (self, aspectRatio)
def attachInputDevice (self, device, prefix=None)
def backfaceCullingOff (self)
def backfaceCullingOn (self)
def changeMouseInterface (self, changeTo)
def closeWindow (self, win, keepCamera=False, removeWindow=True)
def createBaseAudioManagers (self)
def createStats (self, hostname=None, port=None)
def destroy (self)
def detachInputDevice (self, device)
def disableAllAudio (self)
def disableMouse (self)
def disableParticles (self)
def enableAllAudio (self)
def enableMouse (self)
def enableMusic (self, bEnableMusic)
def enableParticles (self)
def enableSoftwareMousePointer (self)
def enableSoundEffects (self, bEnableSoundEffects)
def finalizeExit (self)
def getAlt (self)
def getAspectRatio (self, win=None)
def getAxes (self)
def getBackgroundColor (self, win=None)
def getControl (self)
def getExitErrorCode (self)
def getMeta (self)
def getRepository (self)
def getShift (self)
def getSize (self, win=None)
def initShadowTrav (self)
def isParticleMgrEnabled (self)
def isPhysicsMgrEnabled (self)
def loadMusic (self, name)
def loadSfx (self, name)
def makeAllPipes (self)
def makeCamera2d (self, win, sort=10, displayRegion=(0, 1, 0, 1), coords=(-1, 1, -1, 1), lens=None, cameraName=None)
def makeCamera2dp (self, win, sort=20, displayRegion=(0, 1, 0, 1), coords=(-1, 1, -1, 1), lens=None, cameraName=None)
def makeDefaultPipe (self, printPipeTypes=None)
def makeModulePipe (self, moduleName)
def movie (self, namePrefix='movie', duration=1.0, fps=30, format='png', sd=4, source=None)
def oobe (self, cam=None)
def oobeCull (self, cam=None)
def openDefaultWindow (self, *args, **kw)
def openMainWindow (self, *args, **kw)
def openWindow (self, props=None, fbprops=None, pipe=None, gsg=None, host=None, type=None, name=None, size=None, aspectRatio=None, makeCamera=True, keepCamera=False, scene=None, stereo=None, unexposedDraw=None, callbackWindowDict=None, requireWindow=None)
def playMusic (self, music, looping=0, interrupt=1, volume=None, time=0.0)
def playSfx (self, sfx, looping=0, interrupt=1, volume=None, time=0.0, node=None, listener=None, cutoff=None)
def popCTrav (self)
def printEnvDebugInfo (self)
def pushCTrav (self, cTrav)
def removeCameraFrustum (self)
def restart (self, clusterSync=False, cluster=None)
def reviveInput (self)
def run (self)
def saveCubeMap (self, namePrefix='cube_map_#.png', defaultFilename=0, source=None, camera=None, size=128, cameraMask=PandaNode.getAllCameraMask(), sourceLens=None)
def saveSphereMap (self, namePrefix='spheremap.png', defaultFilename=0, source=None, camera=None, size=256, cameraMask=PandaNode.getAllCameraMask(), numVertices=1000, sourceLens=None)
def screenshot (self, namePrefix='screenshot', defaultFilename=1, source=None, imageComment="")
def SetAllSfxEnables (self, bEnabled)
def setAspectRatio (self, aspectRatio)
def setBackgroundColor (self, r=None, g=None, b=None, a=0.0, win=None)
def setFrameRateMeter (self, flag)
def setMouseOnNode (self, newNode)
def setSceneGraphAnalyzerMeter (self, flag)
def setSleep (self, amount)
def setupDataGraph (self)
def setupMouse (self, win, fMultiWin=False)
def setupMouseCB (self, win)
def setupRender (self)
def setupRender2d (self)
def setupRender2dp (self)
def setupWindowControls (self, winCtrl=None)
def showCameraFrustum (self)
def shutdown (self)
def silenceInput (self)
def spawnTkLoop (self)
def spawnWxLoop (self)
def startDirect (self, fWantDirect=1, fWantTk=1, fWantWx=0)
def startTk (self, fWantTk=True)
def startWx (self, fWantWx=True)
def textureOff (self)
def textureOn (self)
def tkRun (self)
def toggleBackface (self)
def toggleParticles (self)
def toggleShowVertices (self)
def toggleTexMem (self)
def toggleTexture (self)
def toggleWireframe (self)
def updateManagers (self, state)
def useDrive (self)
def userExit (self)
def useTrackball (self)
def windowEvent (self, win)
def wireframeOff (self)
def wireframeOn (self)
def wxRun (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DirectObject
def accept (self, event, method, extraArgs=[])
def acceptOnce (self, event, method, extraArgs=[])
def addTask (self, *args, **kwargs)
def detectLeaks (self)
def doMethodLater (self, *args, **kwargs)
def getAllAccepting (self)
def ignore (self, event)
def ignoreAll (self)
def isAccepting (self, event)
def isIgnoring (self, event)
def removeAllTasks (self)
def removeTask (self, taskOrName)

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from ShowBase
 The Z position of the bottom border of the aspect2d screen. More...
 The X position of the left border of the aspect2d screen. More...
 The Z position of the bottom border of the aspect2dp screen. More...
 The X position of the left border of the aspect2dp screen. More...
 The X position of the right border of the aspect2dp screen. More...
 The Z position of the top border of the aspect2dp screen. More...
 The X position of the right border of the aspect2d screen. More...
 The Z position of the top border of the aspect2d screen. More...
 This contains the global appRunner instance, as imported from AppRunnerGlobal. More...
 The normal 2-d DisplayRegion has an aspect ratio that matches the window, but its coordinate system is square. More...
 The normal 2-d DisplayRegion has an aspect ratio that matches the window, but its coordinate system is square. More...
 The global bulletin board, as imported from BulletinBoardGlobal. More...
 This is a NodePath pointing to the Camera object set up for the 3D scene. More...
 This is the NodePath that should be used to manipulate the camera. More...
 Convenience accessor for base.camNode.get_lens() More...
 This is a list of all cameras created with makeCamera, including More...
 Convenience accessor for More...
 This is a placeholder for a CollisionTraverser. More...
 This is the global input device manager, which keeps track of connected input devices. More...
 The global event manager, as imported from EventManagerGlobal. More...
 Fill this in with a function to invoke when the user "exits" the program by closing the main window. More...
 Add final-exit callbacks to this list. More...
 The global graphics engine, ie. More...
 The global job manager, as imported from JobManagerGlobal. More...
 The directory containing the main Python file of this application. More...
 The global messenger, as imported from MessengerGlobal. More...
 Particle manager. More...
 Physics manager. More...
 This special root, pixel2d, uses units in pixels that are relative to the window. More...
 This special root, pixel2d, uses units in pixels that are relative to the window. More...
 This is the root of the 3-D scene graph. More...
 This is the root of the 2-D scene graph. More...
 The global task manager, as imported from TaskManagerGlobal. More...
 A special ButtonThrower to generate keyboard events and include the time from the OS. More...
 This is the main, or only window; see winList for a list of all windows. More...
 This is set to the value of the window-type config variable, but may optionally be overridden in the Showbase constructor. More...
 This is used to store the wx.Application object used when want-wx is set or base.startWx() is called. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from ShowBase
def add_angular_integrator = addAngularIntegrator
def add_sfx_manager = addSfxManager
def attach_input_device = attachInputDevice
def backface_culling_off = backfaceCullingOff
def backface_culling_on = backfaceCullingOn
def change_mouse_interface = changeMouseInterface
def close_window = closeWindow
 config = DConfig
def create_stats = createStats
def detach_input_device = detachInputDevice
def disable_all_audio = disableAllAudio
def disable_mouse = disableMouse
def disable_particles = disableParticles
def enable_all_audio = enableAllAudio
def enable_mouse = enableMouse
def enable_music = enableMusic
def enable_particles = enableParticles
def enable_software_mouse_pointer = enableSoftwareMousePointer
def enable_sound_effects = enableSoundEffects
def get_aspect_ratio = getAspectRatio
def get_background_color = getBackgroundColor
def get_size = getSize
def init_shadow_trav = initShadowTrav
def make_all_pipes = makeAllPipes
def make_camera = makeCamera
def make_camera2d = makeCamera2d
def make_camera2dp = makeCamera2dp
def make_default_pipe = makeDefaultPipe
def make_module_pipe = makeModulePipe
 notify = directNotify.newCategory("ShowBase")
def oobe_cull = oobeCull
def open_default_window = openDefaultWindow
def open_main_window = openMainWindow
def open_window = openWindow
def remove_camera_frustum = removeCameraFrustum
def revive_input = reviveInput
def save_cube_map = saveCubeMap
def save_sphere_map = saveSphereMap
def set_aspect_ratio = setAspectRatio
def set_background_color = setBackgroundColor
def set_frame_rate_meter = setFrameRateMeter
def set_mouse_on_node = setMouseOnNode
def set_scene_graph_analyzer_meter = setSceneGraphAnalyzerMeter
def set_sleep = setSleep
def setup_data_graph = setupDataGraph
def setup_mouse = setupMouse
def setup_mouse_cb = setupMouseCB
def setup_render = setupRender
def setup_render2d = setupRender2d
def setup_render2dp = setupRender2dp
def setup_window_controls = setupWindowControls
def show_camera_frustum = showCameraFrustum
def silence_input = silenceInput
def start_direct = startDirect
def start_tk = startTk
def start_wx = startWx
def texture_off = textureOff
def texture_on = textureOn
def toggle_backface = toggleBackface
def toggle_particles = toggleParticles
def toggle_show_vertices = toggleShowVertices
def toggle_tex_mem = toggleTexMem
def toggle_texture = toggleTexture
def toggle_wireframe = toggleWireframe
def use_drive = useDrive
def use_trackball = useTrackball
def wireframe_off = wireframeOff
def wireframe_on = wireframeOn
- Static Public Attributes inherited from DirectObject
def accept_once = acceptOnce
def add_task = addTask
def detect_leaks = detectLeaks
def do_method_later = doMethodLater
def get_all_accepting = getAllAccepting
def ignore_all = ignoreAll
def is_accepting = isAccepting
def is_ignoring = isIgnoring
def remove_all_tasks = removeAllTasks
def remove_task = removeTask

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def __init__ (   self)

Reimplemented from DirectObject.

Member Function Documentation

◆ makeCamera()

def makeCamera (   self,
  sort = 0,
  scene = None,
  displayRegion = (0, 1, 0, 1),
  stereo = None,
  aspectRatio = None,
  clearDepth = 0,
  clearColor = None,
  lens = None,
  camName = 'cam',
  mask = None,
  useCamera = None 
Makes a new 3-d camera associated with the indicated window,
and creates a display region in the indicated subrectangle.

If stereo is True, then a stereo camera is created, with a
pair of DisplayRegions.  If stereo is False, then a standard
camera is created.  If stereo is None or omitted, a stereo
camera is created if the window says it can render in stereo.

If useCamera is not None, it is a NodePath to be used as the
camera to apply to the window, rather than creating a new

Reimplemented from ShowBase.

Member Data Documentation

◆ camLL


◆ camRS


◆ camUR