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Dial Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Dial:
Valuator AngleDial

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, parent=None, **kw)
def addValuatorMenuEntries (self)
def addValuatorPropertiesToDialog (self)
def createValuator (self)
def packValuator (self)
def setBase (self)
def setDelta (self)
def setRollover (self)
def setSnap (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Valuator
def addPropertyToDialog (self, property, pDict)
def get (self)
def mouseReset (self, event)
def reset (self)
def set (self, value, fCommand=1)
def setEntry (self, value, fCommand=1)
def setEntryFormat (self)
def setLabel (self)
def setState (self)
def validateEntryInput (self, event)
def zero (self)

Additional Inherited Members

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int deadband = 5
float sfBase = 3.0
int sfDist = 7

Detailed Description

Valuator widget which includes an angle dial and an entry for setting
floating point values

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def __init__ (   self,
  parent = None,
**  kw 

Reimplemented from Valuator.

Reimplemented in AngleDial.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addValuatorMenuEntries()

def addValuatorMenuEntries (   self)
Function used by subclass to add menu entries to popup menu 

Reimplemented from Valuator.

◆ addValuatorPropertiesToDialog()

def addValuatorPropertiesToDialog (   self)
Function used by subclass to add properties to property dialog 

Reimplemented from Valuator.

◆ createValuator()

def createValuator (   self)
Function used by subclass to create valuator geometry 

Reimplemented from Valuator.

◆ packValuator()

def packValuator (   self)
Function used by subclass to pack widget 

Reimplemented from Valuator.

◆ setBase()

def setBase (   self)
Set Dial base value: value = base + delta * numRevs 

◆ setDelta()

def setDelta (   self)
Set Dial delta value: value = base + delta * numRevs 

◆ setRollover()

def setRollover (   self)
Turn Dial rollover (accumulation of a sum) on/off 

◆ setSnap()

def setSnap (   self)
Turn Dial angle snap on/off