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SceneGraphExplorerItem Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, nodePath, isItemEditable=True)
def GetIconName (self)
def GetKey (self)
def GetSubList (self)
def GetText (self)
def IsEditable (self)
def IsExpandable (self)
def MenuCommand (self, command)
def OnSelect (self)
def SetText (self, text)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TreeItem
def __init__ (self)
def GetLabelText (self)
def GetSelectedIconName (self)
def GetTextBg (self)
def GetTextFg (self)
def OnDoubleClick (self)

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

Example TreeItem subclass -- browse the file system.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def __init__ (   self,
  isItemEditable = True 

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetIconName()

def GetIconName (   self)
Return name of icon to be displayed normally.

Reimplemented from TreeItem.

◆ GetKey()

def GetKey (   self)

◆ GetSubList()

def GetSubList (   self)
Return list of items forming sublist.

Reimplemented from TreeItem.

◆ GetText()

def GetText (   self)
Return text string to display.

Reimplemented from TreeItem.

◆ IsEditable()

def IsEditable (   self)
Return whether the item's text may be edited.

Reimplemented from TreeItem.

◆ IsExpandable()

def IsExpandable (   self)
Return whether there are subitems.

Reimplemented from TreeItem.

◆ MenuCommand()

def MenuCommand (   self,

◆ OnSelect()

def OnSelect (   self)
Called when item selected.

Reimplemented from TreeItem.

◆ SetText()

def SetText (   self,
Change the item's text (if it is editable).

Reimplemented from TreeItem.

Member Data Documentation

◆ isItemEditable


◆ nodePath