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AudioSound Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for AudioSound:
TypedReferenceCount TypedObject ReferenceCount

Public Types

enum  SoundStatus { BAD = 0, READY = 1, PLAYING = 2 }

Public Member Functions

bool configureFilters (FilterProperties config)
float get3dMaxDistance ()
float get3dMinDistance ()
bool getActive ()
float getBalance ()
str getFinishedEvent ()
bool getLoop ()
unsigned long int getLoopCount ()
str getName ()
float getPlayRate ()
int getPriority ()
float getSpeakerLevel (int index)
float getSpeakerMix (int speaker)
float getTime ()
float getVolume ()
float length ()
 output (Ostream out)
 play ()
 set3dAttributes (float px, float py, float pz, float vx, float vy, float vz)
 set3dMaxDistance (float dist)
 set3dMinDistance (float dist)
 setActive (bool flag)
 setBalance (float balance_right)
 setFinishedEvent (str event)
 setLoop (bool loop)
 setLoopCount (unsigned long int loop_count)
 setPlayRate (float play_rate)
 setPriority (int priority)
 setSpeakerLevels (float level1, float level2, float level3, float level4, float level5, float level6, float level7, float level8, float level9)
 setSpeakerMix (float frontleft, float frontright, float center, float sub, float backleft, float backright, float sideleft, float sideright)
 setTime (float start_time)
 setVolume (float volume)
AudioSound::SoundStatus status ()
 stop ()
 write (Ostream out)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TypedObject
TypeHandle getType ()
int getTypeIndex ()
 Returns the internal index number associated with this object's TypeHandle, a unique number for each different type. More...
bool isExactType (TypeHandle handle)
 Returns true if the current object is the indicated type exactly. More...
bool isOfType (TypeHandle handle)
 Returns true if the current object is or derives from the indicated type. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ReferenceCount
int getRefCount ()
 Returns the current reference count. More...
 ref ()
 Explicitly increments the reference count. More...
bool testRefCountIntegrity ()
 Does some easy checks to make sure that the reference count isn't completely bogus. More...
bool testRefCountNonzero ()
 Does some easy checks to make sure that the reference count isn't zero, or completely bogus. More...
bool unref ()
 Explicitly decrements the reference count. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static TypeHandle getClassType ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TypedReferenceCount
static TypeHandle getClassType ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TypedObject
static TypeHandle getClassType ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ReferenceCount
static TypeHandle getClassType ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from TypedObject
TypeHandle type
 Returns the TypeHandle representing this object's type. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from ReferenceCount
int ref_count
 The current reference count. More...

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ SoundStatus


Member Function Documentation

◆ configureFilters()

bool configureFilters ( FilterProperties  config)

◆ get3dMaxDistance()

float get3dMaxDistance ( )

◆ get3dMinDistance()

float get3dMinDistance ( )

◆ getActive()

bool getActive ( )

◆ getBalance()

float getBalance ( )

◆ getClassType()

static TypeHandle getClassType ( )

◆ getFinishedEvent()

str getFinishedEvent ( )

◆ getLoop()

bool getLoop ( )

◆ getLoopCount()

unsigned long int getLoopCount ( )

◆ getName()

str getName ( )

◆ getPlayRate()

float getPlayRate ( )

◆ getPriority()

int getPriority ( )

◆ getSpeakerLevel()

float getSpeakerLevel ( int  index)

◆ getSpeakerMix()

float getSpeakerMix ( int  speaker)

◆ getTime()

float getTime ( )

◆ getVolume()

float getVolume ( )

◆ length()

float length ( )

◆ output()

output ( Ostream  out)

◆ play()

play ( )

◆ set3dAttributes()

set3dAttributes ( float  px,
float  py,
float  pz,
float  vx,
float  vy,
float  vz 

◆ set3dMaxDistance()

set3dMaxDistance ( float  dist)

◆ set3dMinDistance()

set3dMinDistance ( float  dist)

◆ setActive()

setActive ( bool  flag)

◆ setBalance()

setBalance ( float  balance_right)

◆ setFinishedEvent()

setFinishedEvent ( str  event)

◆ setLoop()

setLoop ( bool  loop)

◆ setLoopCount()

setLoopCount ( unsigned long int  loop_count)

◆ setPlayRate()

setPlayRate ( float  play_rate)

◆ setPriority()

setPriority ( int  priority)

◆ setSpeakerLevels()

setSpeakerLevels ( float  level1,
float  level2,
float  level3,
float  level4,
float  level5,
float  level6,
float  level7,
float  level8,
float  level9 

◆ setSpeakerMix()

setSpeakerMix ( float  frontleft,
float  frontright,
float  center,
float  sub,
float  backleft,
float  backright,
float  sideleft,
float  sideright 

◆ setTime()

setTime ( float  start_time)

◆ setVolume()

setVolume ( float  volume)

◆ status()

◆ stop()

stop ( )

◆ write()

write ( Ostream  out)