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SparkleParticleRenderer Class Reference

pretty sparkly things. More...

Inheritance diagram for SparkleParticleRenderer:
BaseParticleRenderer ReferenceCount

Public Types

enum  SparkleParticleLifeScale { SP_NO_SCALE = 0, SP_SCALE = 1 }
- Public Types inherited from BaseParticleRenderer
enum  ParticleRendererAlphaMode {
enum  ParticleRendererBlendMethod { PP_NO_BLEND = 0, PP_BLEND_LINEAR = 1, PP_BLEND_CUBIC = 2 }

Public Member Functions

 __init__ ()
 Default Constructor. More...
 __init__ (const LColor center, const LColor edge, float birth_radius, float death_radius, SparkleParticleRenderer::SparkleParticleLifeScale life_scale, BaseParticleRenderer::ParticleRendererAlphaMode alpha_mode)
 __init__ (const SparkleParticleRenderer copy)
 Copy Constructor. More...
float getBirthRadius ()
const LColor getCenterColor ()
float getDeathRadius ()
const LColor getEdgeColor ()
SparkleParticleRenderer::SparkleParticleLifeScale getLifeScale ()
 setBirthRadius (float radius)
 setCenterColor (const LColor c)
 setDeathRadius (float radius)
 setEdgeColor (const LColor c)
 setLifeScale (SparkleParticleRenderer::SparkleParticleLifeScale)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseParticleRenderer
BaseParticleRenderer::ParticleRendererAlphaMode getAlphaMode ()
bool getIgnoreScale ()
 Returns the "ignore scale" flag. More...
GeomNode getRenderNode ()
 Query the geomnode pointer. More...
NodePath getRenderNodePath ()
 Query the geomnode pointer. More...
float getUserAlpha ()
 gets alpha for "user" alpha mode More...
 output (Ostream out)
 Write a string representation of this instance to <out>. More...
 setAlphaMode (BaseParticleRenderer::ParticleRendererAlphaMode am)
 setColorBlendMode (ColorBlendAttrib::Mode bm, ColorBlendAttrib::Operand oa, ColorBlendAttrib::Operand ob)
 sets the ColorBlendAttrib on the _render_node More...
 setIgnoreScale (bool ignore_scale)
 Sets the "ignore scale" flag. More...
 setUserAlpha (float ua)
 sets alpha for "user" alpha mode More...
 write (Ostream out, int indent)
 Write a string representation of this instance to <out>. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ReferenceCount
int getRefCount ()
 Returns the current reference count. More...
 ref ()
 Explicitly increments the reference count. More...
bool testRefCountIntegrity ()
 Does some easy checks to make sure that the reference count isn't completely bogus. More...
bool testRefCountNonzero ()
 Does some easy checks to make sure that the reference count isn't zero, or completely bogus. More...
bool unref ()
 Explicitly decrements the reference count. More...

Additional Inherited Members

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static TypeHandle getClassType ()
- Public Attributes inherited from ReferenceCount
int ref_count
 The current reference count. More...

Detailed Description

pretty sparkly things.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ SparkleParticleLifeScale


Member Function Documentation

◆ __init__() [1/3]

__init__ ( )

Default Constructor.

◆ __init__() [2/3]

__init__ ( const LColor  center,
const LColor  edge,
float  birth_radius,
float  death_radius,
SparkleParticleRenderer::SparkleParticleLifeScale  life_scale,
BaseParticleRenderer::ParticleRendererAlphaMode  alpha_mode 

◆ __init__() [3/3]

__init__ ( const SparkleParticleRenderer  copy)

Copy Constructor.

◆ getBirthRadius()

float getBirthRadius ( )

◆ getCenterColor()

const LColor getCenterColor ( )

◆ getDeathRadius()

float getDeathRadius ( )

◆ getEdgeColor()

const LColor getEdgeColor ( )

◆ getLifeScale()

◆ setBirthRadius()

setBirthRadius ( float  radius)

◆ setCenterColor()

setCenterColor ( const LColor  c)

◆ setDeathRadius()

setDeathRadius ( float  radius)

◆ setEdgeColor()

setEdgeColor ( const LColor  c)

◆ setLifeScale()