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ZSpinParticleFactory Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ZSpinParticleFactory:
BaseParticleFactory ReferenceCount

Public Member Functions

 __init__ ()
 constructor More...
 __init__ (const ZSpinParticleFactory copy)
 copy constructor More...
 enableAngularVelocity (bool bEnabled)
float getAngularVelocity ()
bool getAngularVelocityEnabled ()
float getAngularVelocitySpread ()
float getFinalAngle ()
float getFinalAngleSpread ()
float getInitialAngle ()
float getInitialAngleSpread ()
 setAngularVelocity (float v)
 setAngularVelocitySpread (float spread)
 setFinalAngle (float angle)
 setFinalAngleSpread (float spread)
 setInitialAngle (float angle)
 setInitialAngleSpread (float spread)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseParticleFactory
BaseParticle allocParticle ()
float getLifespanBase ()
 public More...
float getLifespanSpread ()
 public More...
float getMassBase ()
 public More...
float getMassSpread ()
 public More...
float getTerminalVelocityBase ()
 public More...
float getTerminalVelocitySpread ()
 public More...
 output (Ostream out)
 Write a string representation of this instance to <out>. More...
 populateParticle (BaseParticle bp)
 public More...
 setLifespanBase (float lb)
 public More...
 setLifespanSpread (float ls)
 public More...
 setMassBase (float mb)
 public More...
 setMassSpread (float ms)
 public More...
 setTerminalVelocityBase (float tvb)
 public More...
 setTerminalVelocitySpread (float tvs)
 public More...
 write (Ostream out, int indent)
 Write a string representation of this instance to <out>. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ReferenceCount
int getRefCount ()
 Returns the current reference count. More...
 ref ()
 Explicitly increments the reference count. More...
bool testRefCountIntegrity ()
 Does some easy checks to make sure that the reference count isn't completely bogus. More...
bool testRefCountNonzero ()
 Does some easy checks to make sure that the reference count isn't zero, or completely bogus. More...
bool unref ()
 Explicitly decrements the reference count. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ReferenceCount
static TypeHandle getClassType ()
- Public Attributes inherited from ReferenceCount
int ref_count
 The current reference count. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ __init__() [1/2]

__init__ ( )


◆ __init__() [2/2]

__init__ ( const ZSpinParticleFactory  copy)

copy constructor

◆ enableAngularVelocity()

enableAngularVelocity ( bool  bEnabled)

◆ getAngularVelocity()

float getAngularVelocity ( )

◆ getAngularVelocityEnabled()

bool getAngularVelocityEnabled ( )

◆ getAngularVelocitySpread()

float getAngularVelocitySpread ( )

◆ getFinalAngle()

float getFinalAngle ( )

◆ getFinalAngleSpread()

float getFinalAngleSpread ( )

◆ getInitialAngle()

float getInitialAngle ( )

◆ getInitialAngleSpread()

float getInitialAngleSpread ( )

◆ setAngularVelocity()

setAngularVelocity ( float  v)

◆ setAngularVelocitySpread()

setAngularVelocitySpread ( float  spread)

◆ setFinalAngle()

setFinalAngle ( float  angle)

◆ setFinalAngleSpread()

setFinalAngleSpread ( float  spread)

◆ setInitialAngle()

setInitialAngle ( float  angle)

◆ setInitialAngleSpread()

setInitialAngleSpread ( float  spread)