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direct.gui.DirectDialog Namespace Reference


class  DirectDialog
class  OkCancelDialog
class  OkDialog
class  RetryCancelDialog
class  YesNoCancelDialog
class  YesNoDialog


def cleanupDialog (uniqueName)
def findDialog (uniqueName)

Detailed Description

This module defines various dialog windows for the DirectGUI system.

Function Documentation

◆ cleanupDialog()

def direct.gui.DirectDialog.cleanupDialog (   uniqueName)
cleanupPanel(string uniqueName)

Cleans up (removes) the panel with the given uniqueName.  This
may be useful when some panels know about each other and know
that opening panel A should automatically close panel B, for

◆ findDialog()

def direct.gui.DirectDialog.findDialog (   uniqueName)
findPanel(string uniqueName)

Returns the panel whose uniqueName is given.  This is mainly
useful for debugging, to get a pointer to the current onscreen
panel of a particular type.