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direct.p3d.AppRunner Namespace Reference


class  AppRunner
class  ArgumentError
class  ScriptAttributes


def dummyAppRunner (tokens=[], argv=None)

Detailed Description

This module is intended to be compiled into the Panda3D runtime
distributable, to execute a packaged p3d application, but it can also
be run directly via the Python interpreter (if the current Panda3D and
Python versions match the version expected by the application).  See for a command-line tool to invoke this module.

The global AppRunner instance may be imported as follows::

   from direct.showbase.AppRunnerGlobal import appRunner

This will be None if Panda was not run from the runtime environment.

Function Documentation

◆ dummyAppRunner()

def direct.p3d.AppRunner.dummyAppRunner (   tokens = [],
  argv = None 
This function creates a dummy global AppRunner object, which
is useful for testing running in a packaged environment without
actually bothering to package up the application.  Call this at
the start of your application to enable it.

It places the current working directory under /mf, as if it were
mounted from a packed multifile.  It doesn't convert egg files to
bam files, of course; and there are other minor differences from
running in an actual packaged environment.  But it can be a useful
first-look sanity check.