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direct.showbase.VFSImporter Namespace Reference


class  VFSImporter
class  VFSLoader
class  VFSSharedImporter
class  VFSSharedLoader


def register ()
def reloadSharedPackage (mod)
def reloadSharedPackages ()


list compiledExtensions = [ 'pyc', 'pyo' ]
dictionary sharedPackages = {}
 vfs = VirtualFileSystem.getGlobalPtr()

Function Documentation

◆ register()

def direct.showbase.VFSImporter.register ( )
Register the VFSImporter on the path_hooks, if it has not
already been registered, so that future Python import statements
will vector through here (and therefore will take advantage of
Panda's virtual file system). 

◆ reloadSharedPackage()

def direct.showbase.VFSImporter.reloadSharedPackage (   mod)
Reloads the specific module as a shared package, adding any
new directories that might have appeared on the search path. 

◆ reloadSharedPackages()

def direct.showbase.VFSImporter.reloadSharedPackages ( )
Walks through the sharedPackages list, and forces a reload of
any modules on that list that have already been loaded.  This
allows new directories to be added to the search path. 

Variable Documentation

◆ compiledExtensions

list compiledExtensions = [ 'pyc', 'pyo' ]

◆ sharedPackages

dictionary sharedPackages = {}

◆ vfs