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direct.wxwidgets.WxPandaWindow Namespace Reference


class  EmbeddedPandaWindow
class  OpenGLPandaWindow


 OpenGLPandaWindow = None
 wxgl = None
 WxPandaWindow = None

Detailed Description

This module implements a Panda3D window that can be embedded
within a wx.Frame.  The window itself is either an embedded window,
which is a wx.Window with the Panda window attached to it, or it is a
wxgl.GLCanvas, with Panda directed to draw into it, depending on the
platform.  In either case, you may simply embed this window into a
wx.Frame of your choosing, using sizers or whatever you like. 

Variable Documentation

◆ OpenGLPandaWindow

◆ wxgl

wxgl = None

◆ WxPandaWindow

WxPandaWindow = None