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The DirectScrolledFrame is a special variant of DirectFrame that allows the user to page through a larger frame than would otherwise fit onscreen. The DirectScrolledFrame consists of a small onscreen frame which is actually a window onto a potentially much larger virtual canvas; the user can scroll through this canvas through the use of one or two DirectScrollBars on the right and bottom of the frame. DirectScrolledFrame is available beginning with Panda3D version 1.1.

The frameSize parameter controls the size and placement of the visible, onscreen frame; use the canvasSize parameter to control the size of the larger virtual canvas.

You can then parent any widgets you like to the NodePath returned by myFrame.getCanvas(). The DirectGui items you attach to this canvas NodePath will be visible through the small window; you should position them within the virtual canvas using values within the coordinate range you established via the canvasSize parameter.

By default, the scroll bars are automatically created with the DirectScrolledFrame and will be hidden automatically when they are not needed (that is, if the virtual frame size is equal to or smaller than the onscreen frame size). You can adjust either frame size at runtime and the scroll bars will automatically adjust as needed. If you would prefer to manage the scroll bars yourself, you can set one or both of manageScrollBars and autoHideScrollBars to False.

Keyword Definition Value
canvasSize Extents of the virtual canvas (Left, right, bottom, top)
frameSize Extents of the actual visible frame (Left, right, bottom, top)
manageScrollBars Whether to automatically position and scale the scroll bars to fit along the right and bottom of the frame True or False
autoHideScrollBars Whether to automatically hide one or both scroll bars when not needed True or False
scrollBarWidth Specifies the width of both scroll bars at construction time Default is 0.08
verticalScroll_relief, verticalScroll_frameSize, etc. Parameters to control the look of the vertical scroll bar Any parameters appropriate to DirectScrollBar
horizontalScroll_relief, horizontalScroll_frameSize, etc. Parameters to control the look of the horizontal scroll bar Any parameters appropriate to DirectScrollBar

As a very small and simple example on how to use this element we have a simple scrolled frame on the middle of the screen:

from direct.gui.DirectGui import *
import direct.directbase.DirectStart
myframe = DirectScrolledFrame(canvasSize = (-2,2,-2,2), frameSize = (-.5,.5,-.5,.5)) 
myframe.setPos(0, 0, 0)
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