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DirectWaitBars are similar to status bars; use them to indicate a slow process gradually completing (e.g. a loading screen). It has various options for both the background bar and the loading bar that fills up as the process progresses. You can call finish() to automatically fill up the bar, or use:

myWaitBar['value'] = number

to set the value (it ranges from 0 to 100 by default).

Keyword Definition Value
value Initial value of the loading bar (from 0 to 100) Number
range The maximum value of the loading bar Number
barColor The color of the loading bar (R,G,B,A)
barTexture An image to be display on the loading bar image filename or Texture object
barRelief The relief appearance of the loading bar SUNKEN or RAISED
barBorderWidth If barRelief is SUNKEN, RAISED, GROOVE, or RIDGE, changes the size of the loading bar’s bevel (Width,Height)
relief The relief appearance of the background bar SUNKEN or RAISED


import direct.directbase.DirectStart
from direct.gui.OnscreenText import OnscreenText 
from direct.gui.DirectGui import *
from panda3d.core import *
# Add some text
bk_text = "This is my Demo"
textObject = OnscreenText(text = bk_text, pos = (0.95,-0.95), 
scale = 0.07,fg=(1,0.5,0.5,1),align=TextNode.ACenter,mayChange=1)
# Callback function to set text
def incBar(arg):
	bar['value'] +=	arg
	text = "Progress is:"+str(bar['value'])+'%'
# Create a frame
frame = DirectFrame(text = "main", scale = 0.001)
# Add button
bar = DirectWaitBar(text = "", value = 50, pos = (0,.4,.4))
# Create 4 buttons
button_1 = DirectButton(text="+1",scale=0.05,pos=(-.3,.6,0), command=incBar,extraArgs = [1])
button_10 = DirectButton(text="+10",scale=0.05,pos=(0,.6,0), command=incBar,extraArgs = [10])
button_m1 = DirectButton(text="-1",scale=0.05,pos=(0.3,.6,0), command=incBar,extraArgs = [-1])
button_m10 = DirectButton(text="-10",scale=0.05,pos=(0.6,.6,0), command=incBar,extraArgs = [-10])
# Run the tutorial
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