Enhanced Mouse Navigation

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Enhanced mouse navigation is only available when 'Direct Tools' are enabled. Information on enabling 'Direct Tools' is available in the Panda Tools section.

Direct Tools gives more functionality to the middle mouse button. First, clicking the middle mouse button changes the pivot point it uses to rotate around the environment. The middle mouse button will also move the camera depending on where the cursor is on the screen.

Middle Mouse ClickSets pivot point for rotating around the world
Middle Mouse + Middle RegionMove camera parallel to ground
Shift + Middle Mouse + Middle RegionMove camera vertically
Middle Mouse + Edge RegionRotate camera around pivot point
Middle Mouse + Corner RegionRoll camera around pivot point
Shift + Middle Mouse + Edge RegionChanges pitch of the camera

The left mouse button is now used to select and manipulate objects in the environment. Once an object is selected, it may be moved and rotated.

Left Mouse ClickSelect an object
Left Mouse + Middle RegionMove object vertically
Shift + Left Mouse + Middle RegionMove object parallel to ground
Left Mouse + Edge RegionRotate object around its pivot point
Left Mouse + Corner RegionRoll object around its pivot point
Control + Left MouseRescale the model

Direct Tools uses a large number of hot keys for camera control, rendering styles, and object control. The full list is in the table below.

Camera Control Render Style
+Zoom inShift + AShow all
-Zoom outControl + FFlash selected
1Front view (relative to render)BToggle backface
2Back view (relative to render)LToggle lights
3Right view (relative to render)TToggle texture
4Left view (relative to render)WToggle wireframe
5Top view (relative to render)
6Bottom view (relative to render)Direct Controls
7¾ view (relative to render)DeleteDelete selected object
8Roll view about axis relative to camera’s axisEscapeDelete all
9Rotate around hot pointPage DownMove down selected object’s hierarchy
0Rotate around hot pointPage UpMove up selected object’s hierarchy
CCenter on hot pointTabToggle widget mode
FFit on hot pointShift + FGrow widget to fit current window
HMove to (0,0,0)IPlant selected object at cursor intersection point
Shift + LToggle camera pivot point lockMMove widget in front of camera
NSelect next possible camera COA (along last intersection ray)PSet active parent to selected object
UOrbit upright camera about hot pointRWRT reparent selected to active parent
Shift + UUpright cameraShift + RReparent selected to active parent
`Kill camera move taskSReselect last selected object
VToggle widget visibility
Undo/Redo Shift + VToggle COA marker visibility
[Undo<Shrink widget
]Redo>Expand widget
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