List of All Attributes

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List of All Attributes

The following is a concise list of all the RenderAttribs supported by Panda3D. Additional documentation can be found by clicking on the name of the RenderAttrib.

  • AlphaTestAttrib: Hides part of the model, based on the texture's alpha channel.
  • AntialiasAttrib: Controls full-screen antialiasing and polygon-edge antialiasing.
  • ColorAttrib: Tints the model. Only works if the model is not illuminated.
  • ColorBlendAttrib: This specifies how colors are blended into the frame buffer, for special effects.
  • ColorWriteAttrib: Causes the model to not affect the R, G, B, or A channel of the framebuffer.
  • CullBinAttrib: Controls the order in which Panda renders geometry.
  • CullFaceAttrib: Causes backfaces or frontfaces of the model to be visible.
  • DepthOffsetAttrib: Causes the Z-buffer to treat the object as if it were closer or farther.
  • FogAttrib: Causes the model to be obscured by fog if it is far from the camera.
  • LightAttrib: Causes the model to be illuminated by certain lights.
  • RenderModeAttrib: Used to enable wireframe rendering.
  • RescaleNormalAttrib: Can disable the automatic correction of non-unit normals.
  • ShadeModelAttrib: Can cause the model to appear faceted instead of smooth.
  • ShaderAttrib: Gives almost unlimited control, but difficult to use.
  • StencilAttrib: Causes the model to affect the stencil buffer, or be affected by the stencil buffer.
  • TexGenAttrib: Causes the system to synthesize texture coordinates for the model.


Unfortunately, the Panda3D manual is still a work in progress: there are many aspects of it that are not fully documented yet. These attributes are not yet documented:

AudioVolumeAttrib, CullBinAttrib, DepthOffsetAttrib, RenderModeAttrib, RescaleNormalAttrib, ShadeModelAttrib

However, although the manual does not document these classes, the Reference documentation does.

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