Particle Factories

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There are two types of particle factories, Point and ZSpin. The particle panel shows a third, Oriented, but this factory does not currently work. The differences between these factories lie in the orientation and rotational abilities.

First, there are some common variables to the factories.

lifespanBaseAverage lifespan in seconds[0, infinity)
lifespanSpreadVariation in lifespan[0, infinity)
massBaseAverage particle mass[0, infinity)
massSpreadVariation in particle mass[0, infinity)
terminalVelocityBaseAverage particle terminal velocity[0, infinity)
terminalVelocitySpreadVariation in terminal velocity[0, infinity)

Point particle factories generate simple particles. They have no additional parameters.

ZSpin particle factories generate particles that spin around the Z axis, the vertical axis in Panda3D. They have some additional parameters.

initialAngleStarting angle in degrees[0, 360]
initialAngleSpreadSpread of initial angle[0, 360]
finalAngleFinal angle in degrees[0, 360]
fnalAngleSpreadSpread of final angle[0, 360]
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