Previewing 3D Models in Pview

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Pview or Panda Viewer is a model and animation viewer for egg and bam files. This allows users to see if their files have converted correctly without having to create a Panda3D program. Pview is accessed through a command prompt.

To view a model that has been converted to an egg or bam file, type the following:

pview modelFile.egg

To view a character model with animations, simply add the name of the file with the animation.

pview modelFile.egg animationFile.egg

Here's an example based on the panda model distributed with panda source.

pview panda.egg

A new window should pop-up and here's what you should see -


There are some controls and hotkeys available while using pview. To see the whole list press shift-question mark in the pview window. To turn this list off press shift-question mark again. For convenience here is the full list of as the time of writing:

Left-click and drag Mouse Moves the model up, down, left, and right relative to the camera
Middle-click and drag Mouse Rotates the model around its pivot
Right-click and drag Mouse Moves the model away and towards the camera
f Report framerate. The current framerate is output on the console window.
w Toggle wireframe mode
t Toggle texturing
b Toggle back face (double-sided) rendering
i Invert (reverse) single-sided faces
l Toggle lighting
p Toggle per-pixel lighting
c Recenter view on object
shift-c Toggle collision surfaces
shift-b Report bounding volume
shift-l List hierarchy
shift-a Analyze hierarchy
h Highight node
arrow-up Move highlight to parent
arrown-down Move highlight to child
arrow-left Move highlight to sibling
arrow-right Move highlight to sibling
shift-s Activate PStats
f9 Take screenshot
, Cycle through background colors
shift-w Open new window
alt-enter Toggle between full-screen and windowed mode
2 Split the window
W Toggle wireframe
escape Close Window
q Close Window
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