Table of features supported per graphic renderer

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This is a table of features that are not supported by all of the available Panda3D graphics back-end plug-ins. For brevity, features supported by all of the renderers are omitted.

This is by no means a complete list. The OpenGL renderer is by far the most complete back-end, and many features that it supports are not yet listed below.

OpenGL Direct3D 9 GLES, WebGL Tinydisplay
Rendering Hardware Hardware Hardware Software
Cg shaders Yes Yes No No
GLSL shaders Yes No Yes No
Geometry shaders Yes No No No
Shader generation Yes Partial No No
sRGB support Yes Yes No Yes
Depth textures Yes No1 Yes No
3-D textures Yes Yes Yes No
Buffer textures Since 1.10 No No No
Multisampling Yes Yes2 Yes No
Thick wireframe Yes No Yes No
Geometry instancing Yes No Since 1.9.1 No

1 You can achieve shadow mapping by using shaders instead of the depth buffer at a minimal performance cost.

2 Supported through the configuration setting dx-multisample-antialiasing-level.

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