Using Bullet with Panda3D

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Bullet is a modern and open source physics engine used in many games or simulations. Bullet can be compiled on many platforms, among them Windows, Linux and MacOSX. Bullet features include collision detection, rigid body dynamics, soft body dynamics and a kinematic character controller.

This section is about how to use the Panda3D Bullet module.

Table of Contents

  1. Bullet Hello World
  2. Bullet Debug Renderer
  3. Bullet Collision Shapes
  4. Bullet Collision Filtering
  5. Bullet Continuous Collision Detection
  6. Bullet Queries
  7. Bullet Ghosts
  8. Bullet Character Controller
  9. Bullet Constraints
  10. Bullet Vehicles
  11. Bullet Softbodies
  12. Bullet Softbody Rope
  13. Bullet Softbody Patch
  14. Bullet Softbody Triangles
  15. Bullet Softbody Tetrahedron
  16. Bullet Softbody Config
  17. Bullet Config Options
  18. Bullet FAQ
  19. Bullet Samples

All Bullet classes are prefixed with "Bullet". A list of all classes and their methods can be found within the API reference. However, the class and function descriptions are still missing.

Note:The Panda3D Bullet module makes great effort to integrate Bullet physics as tightly as reasonably possible with the core Panda3D classes. However, when implementing collision detection and physics, you can not mix Panda3D's internal physics & collision system, ODE, PhysX and Bullet. More explicitly: Bullet bodies won't collide with ODE bodies and CollisionNodes.

Samples on how to use the Panda3D Bullet module can be found in the following archive:

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