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Release Notes - SDK 1.7.0

This major release introduces tons of cool new features. As it is highly experimental, it is not recommended for production use.

  • Support for running Panda3D apps in a browser via web plugin
  • Fully automatic shadow mapping
  • Easy to use distribution and packaging framework
  • Integrated support for NVIDIA PhysX
  • Support for GLSL shaders
  • Geometry shaders, both in Cg and GLSL
  • Improved Cg support
  • Hardware geometry instancing support
  • Runtime fullscreen toggle
  • Unix/X11 resolution querying/switching support
  • Experimental Unix/X11 support for relative mouse mode (via xf86dga)
  • New, cleaner import conventions, replacing PandaModules
  • Parallax mapping
  • Support for OpenGL ES 1 and 2
  • Experimental Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
  • New collision solid: box
  • Working FreeBSD support
  • Blur / Sharpen postprocessing filter
  • Many improvements to the Shader Generator
  • Fixes and improvements to DistributedObject network system
  • New AI libraries
  • Added MeshDrawer2D
  • Most Panda objects now work with the pickle/cPickle and copy modules.
  • Windows build now compiled for Python 2.6
  • Tons of new features and bugfixes