Supporting Panda3D financially

Panda3D is and will always be an open-source project, dependent on the contributions of volunteers. Over the years, the core contributors have applied much of their spare time to the critical task of maintaining the engine and keeping the project going. However, time is a scarce resource. By contributing financially, you enable us to devote more time to these critical tasks, thereby accelerating the development process. This is why our first funding goal is devoted to using your donations to recruit and mentor new developers, manage the main development priorities, and develop critical features that push Panda3D forward.

Once this goal has been reached, we can use further funding to outsource specific work items to third parties, especially where it falls outside the expertise of our contributors. We can also set bounties for features that are important but don’t attract enough interest from community contributors. This allows us to get the things done that are important for the growth of the engine, but would not otherwise happen, while allowing the core contributors to stay focused on the goals that matter most.

Finally, we can use the funding to obtain access to hardware and commercial licenses that we need to bring support for Panda3D to specific devices, further expanding the reach of Panda3D.

If you like Panda3D and want to contribute financially to its future, please visit our campaign on OpenCollective:

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