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Python C++

Editing Guidelines

  • The purpose of the manual is to explain concepts, not list classes and functions: that's what the reference is for. It is okay to name classes and functions, as long as the concepts are explained first.
  • Please write in normal English and use correct spelling and grammar.
  • Please do not add any additional tutorials to the manual unless given explicit permission by the Panda3D developers.
  • Make sure you add every page to the table of contents. You don't need to worry about the next/previous links at the top of every page - those will take care of themselves, as long as the table of contents is good.
  • To put C++ specific information in the manual, use [cxx][/cxx] tags. For Python-specific information, use [python][/python] tags. Depending on the toggle setting (at the top of the page) only the chosen language will be displayed.

Your current setting is Python.

  • Some people will want to read the manual front to back. Think about the information you are adding and where it belongs in the sequence.
  • I don't want casual users browsing the manual to be aware that this is a wiki that is why I hid the login button. Try to avoid major giveaways.
  • Avoid the use of HTML tags. I know MediaWiki accepts them, but it's best not to use them over the MediaWiki equivalents, as it will only make the wiki text less portable.
  • Avoid the use of really wide preformatted text. If you must, insert this:
<span class="suppress-screenshots"></span>

This is a hack that will suppress the screenshots on the right hand side of the screen, giving you more space. If that's not enough, you need to reformat your text.

  • To do a block of code, write it like this:
<syntaxhighlight lang="python">
from panda3d.core import *
fn = Filename()

You can use <syntaxhighlight lang="cpp"> for C++ code. To get a list of available languages, click here.

If you see old pages that still use the old <pre class="codeblock"> or <code python> notation, please modify it to use the new syntax highlighting notation.

  • To write a function, variable, or class name, or other forms of in-line code, use <code>xyz</code>
  • Code comments should be like this:
# This is a comment
# This is another very very long comment line that has
# to be wordwrapped just like this., code_line)
""" Docstrings are written like this. If they are longer than one line
break like this and end it on a new line.
// Comment Blah
/* Comment
block */

The first letter of a comment line has to be uppercase (unless its multiple comment lines wordwrapped), and there should be a space between the comment itself and the comment indicators.