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pip install panda3d==1.10.11

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Release Notes - SDK 1.10.11

Maintenance release containing assorted bug fixes and minor improvements.

Note: The macOS download link was updated on 2022-01-22 to include a fix for macOS Monterrey: the update disables access to keyboards and mice via the InputDeviceManager (base.devices) by default to prevent a permission warning being displayed to the user. To re-enable this access, set iokit-scan-keyboard-devices and iokit-scan-mouse-devices to true in Config.prc.


  • Fix erratic shadow bug with multiple lights from gltf/blend2bam (#1153)
  • Fix erratic behavior of HW skinning shaders on non-animated models (#1207)
  • Fix errors with compressed luminance textures in DirectX 9 (#1198)
  • Implement screenshotting multisample backbuffer in DirectX 9 (#1225)

Texture Loading

  • Don’t load texture from disk when loading .bam if preloading is off (#1208)
  • Fix TextureReloadRequest not working properly when mipmapping is disabled
  • Add TexturePool.get_texture() method for querying textures in pool
  • Fix crash when opening a .txo, .dds or .ktx file fails
  • Improve error message when calling tex.write() with unknown extension


  • Generate horizontal scroll wheel events on Windows
  • Generate events for mouse buttons 4 and 5 on X11
  • Generate events for lmeta, rmeta and menu keys on Windows
  • Add raw event (raw-<) for key between shift and Z on ISO keyboards
  • Gracefully handle invalid raw input device data on Windows
  • Correctly handle negative axis input from Windows raw input devices (#1218)
  • FrSky RC controller is now registered as flight stick (#1218)


  • Support building with tkinter on all supported platforms (#780)
  • Fix issue with zipimport module not being packaged
  • Fix grayscale icons becoming blue when scaled automatically
  • Automatically include cacert.pem when depending on certifi
  • Suppress assorted spurious missing module warnings
  • Targeting linux_x86_64 / linux_i686 also allows use of manylinux wheels


  • Add support for Maya 2022 (#1213)
  • Support building with Visual Studio 2022
  • Support building with macOS 11.3 SDK (and work around clang crash)
  • Support building with Windows 11 SDK
  • Build Ubuntu .deb files with bindings for multiple Python 3 versions
  • Support compilation with Assimp 5.x (#1212)
  • Support building on manylinux_2_24


  • Fix nodes with same tag key but different value getting flattened together
  • taskMgr.step() now restores previous SIGINT handler afterwards (#1180)
  • Add base.clock as alias for globalClock
  • FilterManager mul parameter now accepts floating-point values (#1231)
  • Assorted minor API documentation improvements
  • Fix memory leak getting Bullet persistent manifolds from Python (#1193)
  • Fix assertion in PythonLoaderFileType with debug Python build
  • Add missing property interface to PlaneNode
  • Fix prepare_scene() not properly invoking the Shader Generator
  • Add name property to AICharacter class (#1205)
  • Add bullet-split-impulse configuration variable (#1201)
  • Fix slider thumb entering dragging state on keyboard button press (#1188)
  • Allow OnscreenImage to be created before ShowBase is created (#1209)
  • Fix manager, t, play_rate, duration properties of Sequence/Parallel (#1202)
  • Expose ButtonEvent API to Python (UNSTABLE API, will be changed soon)