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pip install panda3d==1.10.2

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Release Notes - SDK 1.10.2

This release fixes several more bugs, including a few regressions in 1.10.1. Upgrading is highly recommended.

  • Fix regression on Windows causing freezes and instability
  • Fix a memory leak issue in Python applications
  • Fix crash reading unaligned float4 column in GeomVertexReader
  • Fixes for switching to fullscreen at runtime on Windows and Linux
  • Fix incorrect display mode listing in some Linux distributions
  • Fix threading crash on Linux when using get_keyboard_map()
  • Support from __future__ import division for Panda types
  • Support building with Visual Studio 2019 in makepanda
  • Work around Assimp crash when loading multiple .ply models
  • On Windows, a Python 3-compatible version of Pmw is included
  • Fix ParticlePanel spam when hovering over File menu items
  • TexMemWatcher has been fixed for Python 3
  • Prevent macOS window getting stuck after base.destroy()
  • Fix assertion setting mass before shape with Bullet debug build
  • Don’t error if DirectScrolledFrame is destroyed twice
  • Fix reference count corruption accessing task.__dict__
  • Fix writing to SequenceNode frame_rate property
  • Fix collider sort not copied when copying CollisionNode
  • Add OpenCollective backer file