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pip install panda3d==1.10.3

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Release Notes - SDK 1.10.3

This is another bugfix release that addresses a variety of issues in 1.10.2 and further improves the stability.

  • Fix crash when unplugging certain devices on macOS
  • Fix crash on macOS when using RIME input
  • Fix logging issues/crashes in apps deployed with Python 2.7
  • Fix issues when starting in fullscreen on Linux/X11
  • Fix mapping of several gamepads including Trust GXT 24
  • Fix Linux crash when no input devices are present
  • Unbreak support for matrix arrays in vertex data in OpenGL
  • Allow creating multisample FBO in OpenGL with non-MS host window
  • Support playing and looping compressed Ogg and WAV audio files
  • Fix generation of CollisionBox for transformed geometry in .egg
  • Fix Bullet rigid body transform not updating after reparenting
  • Fix sporadic color scales with lighting and custom GLSL shader
  • Prevent faulty shaders from shutting down GSG on some drivers
  • Allow None as either argument to OdeJoint.attach()
  • Fix BufferViewer when main window is not opened right away
  • Properly detect extension of pz/gz compressed video/audio files
  • Fix for invalid behavior of SparseArray methods to clear bits
  • FilterManager now allows overriding framebuffer properties
  • Fix detection of core-only OpenGL profile on some drivers
  • Add gl-forward-compatible config var for OpenGL context creation
  • Add paste-emit-keystrokes variable to disable Ctrl+V on Windows
  • Fix in-place |= operator on Panda types (such as SparseArray)
  • Fix rare FFmpeg “bad src image pointers” errors after seek
  • Fix uses of types.InstanceType in some obscure direct functions
  • Fix capsule-into-sphere collision test in degenerate case
  • KeyboardButton.ascii_key now also accepts a str character
  • Fix errors in various Tkinter DIRECT widgets
  • Expose save_egg_file/save_egg_data functions in Python API
  • Fix assertion error in BoundingBox.set_min_max
  • Fix typo in CollisionTraverser.respect_prev_transform property
  • Properly install Python bindings when building FreeBSD installer