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Release Notes - SDK 1.5.4

This is a bugfix release, fixing the problems found in 1.5.3.

  • Fixes packpanda crash
  • Linux build accidentally got configured for OpenAL
  • EggTexture now writes wrap modes and types correctly.
  • Fixes an occasional crash in TextureAttrib
  • DirectEntry no longer crashes when moving cursor in a full box
  • Several bugs in RigidBodyCombiner fixed
  • Normals generated by GeoMipTerrain are now correct
  • Bugs fixed in DirectGrid
  • Linux users can now use WindowProperties.setParentWindow
  • Fmod now compiles on 64-bits
  • Fixed several bugs in the API reference generator
  • EggNurbsSurface is now exposed to Python
  • Fixes a bug in PGButton
  • GeoMipTerrain set_heightfield fixed
  • Several bugs in the Max exporter:
    • Now generates binormals and tangents
    • Pview output fixed
    • Overwrite confirmation fixed
    • Export type ‘Both’ now works correctly
  • Several other bugs not listed above.