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Release Notes - SDK 1.6.2

This is mainly a bugfix release. Also fixes some bugs that were accidentally introduced in 1.6.1.

  • Fixed a static-init issue in ptloader on Windows
  • Fixed texture scaling issue when using buffers
  • x2egg is no longer broken
  • Threading in OSX build fixed
  • Fixed issue with flickering colors in Shader Generator
  • Eggcacher now uses less RAM
  • Missing ‘models’ dirs in packpanda games fixed
  • Eggcacher step in Panda3D installer is now optional
  • Fixes broken shortcut links in Start Menu on Windows
  • Shader Generator now supports clip planes
  • Bug with combine modes in Shader Generator fixed
  • Fixed bug with Texture::make_copy()
  • Bug with Actor LOD fixed
  • Fixed bug with missing geometry in Collada converter
  • OdeUtil.collide instability fixed
  • OdeBody setData/getData methods exposed to Python