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Release Notes - SDK 1.9.2

This is a minor bugfix release, fixing a few minor issues that remained in the 1.9.1 release, including:

  • Fix compile errors with more recent versions of ffmpeg
  • Include .lib files for pyd modules in Windows SDK
  • packp3d now recognizes default egg-object-type definitions
  • Fix issues with sphere-into-box and box-into-sphere collisions
  • Texture VRAM usage is now correctly reported by pstats
  • Support for reading BMP files with alpha channel
  • Fix OpenGL crashes in very ancient OpenGL versions
  • Fix rare compile issues and crashes with esoteric Python set-ups
  • Fix crash when extracting texture that’s not a multiple of 4 bytes
  • Work around buggy NVIDIA driver that reports _main_* shader inputs
  • Add version of transform_vertices that accepts a SparseArray
  • Clamp shininess to 0 to avoid GL error when shininess < 0
  • Fix various bugs in RopeNode and NurbsCurveEvaluator
  • Fix clock-mode Config.prc settings
  • NodePath render_mode setters no longer reset wireframe color
  • Fix constant reloading of texture when gl-ignore-mipmaps is set
  • BamReader now releases the GIL (so it can be used threaded)
  • Fix AttributeError in direct.stdpy.threading module