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pip install panda3d==1.10.10

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Release Notes - SDK 1.10.10

This release fixes assorted, mostly very minor bugs.

  • Round refresh rates when choosing display mode on macOS (#1144)
  • Vectors now support floor division
  • It is now possible to use round(), ceil() and floor() with vector types
  • Add RenderState::get_unused_states()
  • Fix assertion error in RenderState::get_num_unused_states()
  • Fix Assimp loader not importing normal vectors correctly (#1163)
  • Fix error when trying to render DirectGUI in offscreen mode (#1174)
  • Fix crash when resizing window in multi-window DirectX 9 application (#1167)
  • Fixes to enable compilation with recent OpenEXR and FFMpeg versions
  • Fix draw callback being called twice if cull callback calls upcall()
  • Improve error message when display module fails to load
  • Fix writing/reading BitArray to/from bam files on 64-bit systems (#1181)
  • evdev input devices (such as gamepads) are now supported in FreeBSD as well
  • Panda no longer tries to compress buffer textures when compression is enabled
  • Fix Geom::make_lines_in_place() (& points, patches) leaving invalid state
  • Fix memory leak when cleaning up FilterManager (#1166)
  • Fix memory leak deleting multisample OpenGL FBOs (#1166)
  • Fix auto-binding of SSBOs sometimes causing overlapping bindings (#1176)
  • PSSMCameraRig::update() now accepts a camera node directly
  • Support copying depth buffer for 32-bit depth with 8-bit stencil (#1142)
  • Prevent trying to copy depth from non-depth buffer in OpenGL renderer (#1142)
  • Fixes to format selection for OpenGL renderbuffers (#1137, #1141)
  • gl-depth-zero-to-one is now supported in OpenGL ES 2+ (if driver supports)
  • Maya models can contain more than three eggObjectTypes (#1134)
  • Fix black screen on Linux when switching fullscreen without a WM active
  • Fix Linux crash when trying to load a directory instead of a file (#1140)
  • Fix crash when loading an invalid font
  • Fix a very obscure unintended DirectGUI behavior change in 1.10.9