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Release Notes - SDK

This is an update to 1.10.4, which had a regression when calling destroy() on DirectGUI items. The release notes for 1.10.4 follow. Click here to view the release announcement.

1.10.4 fixes a regression with DirectScrolledList in 1.10.3, fixes various other bugs, and introduces a few minor features.

  • Fix exception trying to create DirectScrolledList
  • Fix flickering in DirectScrolledFrame and other scissor issues (#681)
  • Experimental support for Python 3.8
  • Support adding icons to deployed applications
  • Support non-affine (eg. projective) transforms in calc_tight_bounds
  • Allow setting notify-output after initial import
  • Fix macOS issue locating Panda3D using Python 2.7.13+ from
  • Support for Maya 2019
  • On Windows, pip is now installed by the installer (#690)
  • Fix Actor.makeSubpart on models with pre-bound animations (#647)
  • Properly interrupt task manager if first task chain raises error (#692)
  • Fix return value of encrypt_string in Python 3 (#684)
  • Support writing loader plug-ins in Python
  • Fix reading multiple p3d_TextureMatrix[] values from GLSL shaders
  • Fix shader error flag not being set if GLSL compilation failed (#622)
  • Add NodePath.replace_texture() convenience method
  • Fix deadlock when building with SIMPLE_THREADS=1 (#704)
  • Fix DirectOptionMenu cancelFrame not working inside scrolled frame (#658)
  • Fix assertion when calling analyze() on geometry with strip cut index
  • Implement fallback in GL renderer when F_sluminance is not supported (#693)
  • Set reasonable limits for sliders in ParticlePanel
  • Fix for DirectEntry autoCapitalize feature on Python 3 (#628)
  • Fix various DirectGUI items not working before ShowBase is instantiated
  • Work around an MSVC compiler bug in the release build
  • PythonUtil.weightedChoice now raises IndexError on empty list
  • Support changing DirectScrollBar width after initialiation (#699)
  • Workaround for Bullet deadlock when adding shape to a scaled body (#689)
  • Support setting DirectEntryScroll entry after initialization (#702)
  • Fix some missing imports in directtools (#698)
  • Fix undefined behavior issue when using musl-libc
  • Update Eigen in Windows thirdparty packages to 3.3.7
  • Update metadata of pip wheels