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pip install panda3d==1.10.7

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Release Notes - SDK 1.10.7

Note: The installers were updated on October 6th to include Python 3.9 bindings.

This is primarily a bugfix release, but includes a few new features as well. Also see the release announcement.


  • Add High Dynamic Range filter with ACES tone mapping to CommonFilters
  • Add sRGB filter to CommonFilters (to be used as fallback to framebuffer-srgb)
  • Fix (shadow) buffer no longer working after host buffer is destroyed (#890)
  • Fix rare bug with shader parameters not being set right across render passes
  • Fog density passed to shader now defaults to 0 when no fog is applied
  • Don’t check sampler/light type mismatch for non-shadow-casting lights (#942)
  • Shader generator now makes use of Material alpha values if present (#912)
  • Support sRGB textures and framebuffers in OpenGL ES 2 renderer

Asset Loading

  • Egg files can now be loaded with sRGB texture formats automatically
  • Fix maya2egg regression not creating animations properly (#1004)
  • Fix FMOD issue reading sounds from read-write-opened multifiles (#1002)


  • Fix faulty collision detection when sphere is under polygon (#907)
  • Fix PStats misreporting an exploding number of RenderState/TransformState
  • Fix memory leak when removing a task that is awaiting a non-Panda future
  • Optimize RenderState cache for case where texture is replaced repeatedly
  • PNMImage add_sub_image() / mult_sub_image() now properly adds offset (#903)
  • Fix some ServerRepository issues in Python 3
  • Fix has_tags() still returning true after clearing all Python tags (#936)
  • Fix crash in BitArray.has_any_of()
  • Fix errors in PythonUtil.detectLeaks() and
  • Fix runtime error during ControlManager deletion (#884)
  • Some error messages in nativenet are changed to debug messages
  • Fix TexMemWatcher crash when graphics memory reaches 1 GB (#975)
  • Fix a Triangulator crash dealing with certain invalid polygons (#985)
  • Fix in MultiplexStreamBuf::Output::write_string() (#902)
  • Fix a buffer overrun on FreeBSD when extracting very long command-line args

Input and Windowing

  • M_confined mouse mode on Windows now confines mouse to client rectangle
  • Fix incorrect handling of shift modifier on macOS (#959)
  • Fix erroneous dpad_*-up events when emulating a dpad on Linux (#973)
  • Fix tab handling in DirectEntry with certain versions of Windows CRT (#994)
  • Fix parented window receiving WS_POPUP style on Windows (#915)


  • macOS app bundle now performs chdir into Resources folder upon launch
  • No longer defaults to FMOD audio on macOS unless FMOD is explicitly bundled
  • Improvements to Config.prc handling (strip comments, sort files, etc.)
  • Line buffering is now used on Windows when writing to log files (#947)
  • stdout/stderr output streams are now flushed on exit (#946)
  • Build paths are now properly stripped from compiled Python code (#991)
  • Update to support a change in location of numpy/Pillow libraries (#914)
  • Fix libffi-7.dll not being included in official wheels
  • PYTHONINSPECT mechanism is no longer enabled when building with optimizations
  • A few unnecessary warning messages are squelched
  • Windows builds now include previously missing CRT dlls


  • Add pickle support to Datagram class
  • Unexpose a crashing CollisionPolygon constructor and method (#908)
  • FilterManager has new parameter to control framebuffer clamping
  • Add snake_case aliases for functions in DirectGuiGlobals
  • Global delete operator is now safe to call with a null pointer
  • Improvements to API reference documentation


  • Fix issues building with development versions Python 3.9 and 3.10
  • Fix an ABI incompatibility issue with MouseWatcher in NDEBUG builds
  • Fix incorrect NaN/inf detection in double-precision release builds (#987)
  • interrogate C++ parser supports arbitrary constant expressions in bitfields
  • interrogate C++ parser supports sizeof with constant expression