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pip install panda3d==1.10.8

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Release Notes - SDK 1.10.8

This is a recommended maintenance release. Also see the release announcement.

  • Support building for macOS 11 “Big Sur” and “Apple Silicon” (arm64)
  • Fix a memory leak, particularly noticeable with multithreaded pipeline (#1077)
  • Fix crash on macOS when unplugging device with threading active (#1082)
  • Fix error with build_apps not working with certain versions of Python
  • Fix DirectEntry/PGEntry flickering in the multithreaded pipeline (#1070)
  • Fix sounds resuming on reactivation if stop() was called while inactive (#559)
  • Collision traverser now releases GIL during traversal (#1033)
  • Fix crash caused by some gamepad drivers on Linux (#1066)
  • Add GraphicsPipe::get_display_zoom() for querying system DPI scaling
  • Skinning-enabled shaders can now properly render unskinned models as well
  • BitMask, SparseArray, BitArray types can now be pickled (#886)
  • VFSImporter now properly detects source file encodings in Python 3
  • Workaround for lighting bug with scenes imported using panda3d-gltf/blend2bam
  • Fix compilation error with Bullet 2.90+
  • Assimp library was updated in Windows thirdparty packages (#1020)
  • libCg is now shipped as library instead of framework on macOS (#1079)
  • Fix some erroneous warnings about missing modules in build_apps
  • Add warnings to build_apps when forgetting dependencies in requirements.txt
  • Add experimental TextureStage::M_emission mode
  • Add experimental p3d_TextureNormal, p3d_TextureEmission, etc. GLSL inputs
  • Fix ability to use deployment system when compiling without OpenSSL (#1073)
  • Fix assorted issues with rgbPanel
  • Fix comparison operator of RenderEffects object