Download Panda3D SDK 1.7.2

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Panda3D Installers for Ubuntu
panda3d1.7_1.7.2~lucid_i386.deb (58 MB)
panda3d1.7_1.7.2~lucid_amd64.deb (59 MB)
panda3d1.7_1.7.2~maverick_i386.deb (58 MB)
panda3d1.7_1.7.2~maverick_amd64.deb (60 MB)
These one-step installers include everything you need to get started with Panda3D: the engine, the python libraries, tons of utilities, sample artwork, and lots of sample programs. Be sure to choose the right package for your version of Ubuntu.

Panda3D Manuals (9 MB) (9 MB) (torrent) (magnet) (8 MB) (47 MB)
These are snapshots of the online manuals. The online versions may be more recent, but downloading may be more convenient for those with slow net connections. Each zipfile contains a directory full of HTML files, including an "index.html" start-page.

Panda3D Complete Source Code
panda3d-1.7.2.tar.gz (35 MB) (torrent) (magnet)
These archives contain everything you need to compile Panda3D from scratch, including the source code from GitHub and the sample programs.

Panda3D Sample Programs (24 MB) (torrent) (magnet) (4 MB) (torrent)
This is a collection of code samples which are mainly useful for learning panda. You can study the code to see how things are done. These files are included in the "Panda3D Complete Source Code" above.

Art Gallery (212 MB) (torrent)
This is a collection of 3D Models in Panda3D format. Most of the models are not that well-crafted: they were created by students for a class, and they were still just learning. Even so, these models can serve a purpose as placeholder art if you just need something to work with.