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Release Notes - SDK 1.7.2

This release fixes several bugs that were found in 1.7.1

  • Fix crash on GLX implementations that have no FBConfig support
  • Fix trouble with buffers on Mac OS X
  • Un-break shadow samplers in Cg shaders
  • Fixes for relative mouse mode on OSX
  • Pdeployed apps on Windows no longer show a console window
  • Fix relative file paths for license files in pdeploy
  • Ppatcher no longer writes out faulty checksums
  • Fix plugin failure to read from cache
  • Include missing X11 extension libs in runtime distribution
  • Fix disappearing windows with CEGUI’s OpenGL renderer
  • Fixes for makepanda on FreeBSD
  • Fix LightRampAttrib crash
  • Fix bug with two-parameter Lens::set_fov