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Release Notes - SDK 1.8.1

This is a bugfix release, fixing many issues in 1.8.0. However, there may still be some (minor) bugs.

  • Fix a host of issues related to GLSL shaders
  • Fix incorrect registry entry for Python in Windows installer
  • pdeploy generated binaries with wrong architecture on Linux
  • Fix runtime error in pdeploy when building for Windows
  • Support for Maya 2013
  • ARToolKit now also works on Mac OS X
  • WM_CLASS can be set using x-wm-class and x-wm-class-name
  • No longer crashes when Xrandr is not supported
  • Aux normals are now also normalized when no lights are applied
  • Fix hidden cursor when switching fullscreen on Mac OS X
  • PackageInstaller didn’t add packages to system paths
  • Allow disabling custom cursor on Windows
  • Fix incorrect panning of 3D audio
  • Fix omission of textures of non-standard format in ShaderGenerator
  • Fix compile issue with newer gcc versions
  • Fix circular reference held by ActorNode
  • Window is now correctly centered on Windows
  • Fix confusion with depth range of Lens::project()
  • Now successfully compiles against recent SSL versions on Windows
  • Fix incorrect Cg TEXUNIT0 binding during the first frame
  • TextNode::set_text_scale now correctly scales spaces as well
  • Expose AudioLoadRequest to Python (for async audio loading)
  • Support for the libRocket debugger
  • Fix newline entry in libRocket