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Release Notes - SDK 1.9.1

This minor release fixes some important regressions and bugs found
in 1.9.0, but also introduces a few minor features.

It also reintroduces the deployment tools that were absent from
the previous release.

The following issues were fixed:

  • SDK now properly installs in Mac OS X 10.11 “El Capitan”
  • Windows 8.1+ no longer applies DPI virtualization to Panda window
  • Fix ffmpeg library load issue on Mac OS X
  • Fix issues running maya2egg on Mac OS X
  • Fix compiler errors on different platforms
  • Fix various rare crashes
  • Fix crashes on shutdown in threaded pipeline
  • Fix low-level threading crash on ARM machines
  • More reliably and robustly handle failures opening OpenAL device
  • Textures were not being scaled to power-of-2 in some cases
  • Correct scaling of normal vectors with flatten operation
  • Correct positioning of viewing axis when showing lens frustum
  • Add dpi-window-resize option to auto-resize window on DPI change
  • Fix assertions when alpha-file-channel references unknown channel
  • Use OpenGL-style vertex colors by default on non-Windows systems
  • Default vertex column alignment is now 4 bytes
  • Add PNMImage premultiply/unpremultiply methods.
  • Fix incorrect parsing of numbers with exponents in Config.prc
  • Fix for reading URLs mounted via the virtual file system
  • Fix shader generator memory leaks and runtime performance
  • Fix shader generator scaling of binormals and tangents
  • Expose _NET_WM_PID to window managers in X11
  • Fix a range of bugs in tinydisplay renderer.
  • Don’t error when setting lens far distance to infinity
  • Allow passing custom lens to saveCubeMap/saveSphereMap
  • Fix errors in saveCubeMap/saveSphereMap in threaded pipeline
  • Fix DynamicTextFont.makeCopy()
  • Make Texture memory size estimation more accurate
  • Fix various window resizing issues
  • Fix PandaSystem.getCompiler() value for clang (it reported gcc)
  • x2egg no longer replaces face normals with vertex normals
  • Include Eigen headers in Mac and Windows SDK
  • Added geomipterrain-incorrect-normals setting, default=true
  • DisplayInformation resolution list was missing on Windows
  • Upgrade FMOD and Bullet versions on Windows and Mac OS X
  • Various performance optimizations
  • Fixed various other bugs not listed here.

Fixes and improvements for the runtime:

  • Fix splash screen freezing in the X11 web plug-in
  • pdeploy will now handle extracted files (eg. .ico and .cur)
  • Added more options for customizing splash screen
  • Fix missing xml and ast modules from morepy package
  • Certificate dialog is now localized to various languages
  • Fix packp3d error when Python file is not in a package
  • Pass on failing exit status from packaged application
  • Remove annoying “:Packager(warning): No such file” warning
  • Fix issue installing pdeploy-generated .pkg on OS X 10.11

Fixes for the Python API:

  • Fix mysterious and rare crash in tp_traverse
  • Bullet step function accidentally defaulted to step size of 0
  • Fix overflow of file offsets (eg. when seeking in huge files)
  • Fix regression with memoryviews
  • Fix hasattr/getattr of vector classes for invalid attributes
  • Allow passing a long to methods accepting an int
  • Fix crash when passing None to Filename constructor
  • MouseWatcherGroup was erroneously not exposed in 1.9.0
  • ShowBase no longer unmounts VFS when shutting down
  • No longer requires setting PATH to import panda3d.*
  • DirectDialog default geom is once again respected
  • DirectDialog no longer overrides custom frameSize
  • Fix WebcamVideo/MicrophoneAudio.getOptions() methods

Changes relating to the OpenGL renderer:

  • Various performance improvements
  • Fix point/line thickness setting
  • Improve GLSL error reporting
  • Fix Intel driver issues, particularly with geometry shaders
  • Add more error checking for parameter types
  • Integer shader inputs were not being converted to float properly
  • Fix crash passing an undersized array to a GLSL shader input
  • p3d_ColorScale et al may now be declared as vec3
  • Fix flickering when using trans_model_to_apiview in Cg
  • Support wireframe and point rendering modes in OpenGL ES
  • Fix issue with model disappearing in rare cases with GLSL
  • Fix ColorWriteAttrib not working as it should
  • Allow deactivating PStats collectors for GPU timers
  • Memory residency of graphics buffers now tracked by PStats
  • Allow changing OpenGL coordinate system with gl-coordinate-system

Fixes for libRocket integration:

  • libRocket did not work on Mac OS X in 1.9.0
  • Fix inconsistent behavior with non-power-of-2 textures in rocket
  • Use model-path for finding libRocket assets
  • Add missing keys to libRocket keymap
  • libRocket elements showed up white in tinydisplay

New features:

  • Add -L (lighting) and -P (graphics pipe) pview options
  • Add M_confined mouse mode that keeps cursor in window
  • Add sample program demonstrating mouse modes
  • bam2egg supports collision sphere and plane solids
  • p3d_TransformTable GLSL input backported from 1.10 branch
  • Add openal-device setting for selecting OpenAL audio output
  • Add limited modification timestamp tracking for Ramdisk mounts
  • Support for Autodesk Maya 2016