SDK 1.10.12 Release

I’d just like to announce that Panda3D 1.10.12 has just been released. This is another maintenance release with many bug fixes and minor improvements. It is recommended for all users of lower versions to update.

There is only one known regression in this release, but it is rather esoteric: the BufferViewer debug utility class does not work properly when Panda3D has been compiled from source in double-precision mode. There is a trivial fix for this issue, which can be obtained here. If you don’t use this class or if you don’t go out of your way to compile Panda3D in the double-precision mode, then you don’t need to worry about this.

Go ahead and download the new release or, if you have installed it using the pip package manager, update it using the pip install -U panda3d command. The full list of changes follows below.


  • Windows: Fix origin not respected when switching to windowed mode
  • macOS: Fix origin not being updated when resizing window
  • macOS: Fix off-by-one errors with mouse cursor position
  • macOS: Fix issues with confined mouse mode
  • macOS: Fix events being suppressed when moving the mouse pointer
  • macOS: Invert horizontal scroll, set cocoa-invert-wheel-x true to revert


  • Add shadow-cube-map-filter setting to enable cube map shadow filtering
  • Support floating-point FBOs in OpenGL ES 2+
  • Fix texture format selection in OpenGL with T_half_float component type
  • Added egl-device-index config var to select EGL device
  • Offscreen windows in tinydisplay renderer are now resizeable
  • CommonFilters now supports alternative coordinate systems
  • Fix BufferViewer frame when using a different coordinate system


  • Fix _bootlocale error in deployed application on Windows with Python 3.10
  • Include _sysconfigdata module properly when using sysconfig module
  • Fix building deploy-stub on platforms that use DT_RUNPATH instead of DT_RPATH
  • sys.flags.optimize is now set to 2 in Python 3.2 and above
  • Fix import errors when using scipy


  • Texture::get_ram_image_as() fixed for 3D textures
  • Fix PStats GPU timing not working with newer NVIDIA drivers
  • Fix false negative in collision test when sphere is fully inside box
  • Resolve segmentation fault when statically linking ffmpeg module
  • Fix issue with failed mmap when using WebcamVideo on Linux
  • macOS: Keyboard/mouse devices are no longer enumerated by default
  • Fix repr of LPlane class
  • Remove dependency on ShowBase in FilterManager
  • Many new functions added to interrogatedb module to query additional info
  • Interrogate no longer writes wrappers with rvalue references to interrogatedb
  • PStats on Linux: Fix mouse motion detected outside strip chart graph area
  • Fix assertion when reading bam file with Bullet convex hull shape
  • Fix memory leak when specifying owner of a task
  • Add additional helpful debug/spam prints to display code


  • Support building with Python 3.11
  • Support building with OpenSSL 1.1.1 on Windows
  • Support building with OpenEXR 3.0 or 3.1 on Windows
  • Fix errors when compiling Panda headers with MinGW
  • Allow compiling Panda headers on Windows without NOMINMAX set
  • Fix wheel platform tag on manylinux aarch64
  • Experimentally allow building with mimalloc on Windows
  • Makepanda records cache timestamps as integers instead of floats
  • Makepanda can now also build tinydisplay on Linux without X11
  • Fix naming of built wheels when building for macOS 12