SDK 1.9.2 Release

Today marks the release of the 1.9.2 release of the Panda3D SDK. This is a minor release that fixes a small number of bugs that have been encountered in 1.9.1. There are no new features introduced in this release.
Changes include:

  • Fix compile errors with more recent versions of ffmpeg
  • Include .lib files for pyd modules in Windows SDK
  • packp3d now recognizes default egg-object-type definitions
  • Fix issues with sphere-into-box and box-into-sphere collisions
  • Texture VRAM usage is now correctly reported by pstats
  • Support for reading BMP files with alpha channel
  • Fix OpenGL crashes in very ancient OpenGL versions
  • Fix rare compile issues and crashes with esoteric Python set-ups
  • Fix crash when extracting texture that’s not a multiple of 4 bytes
  • Work around buggy NVIDIA driver that reports _main_* shader inputs
  • Add version of transform_vertices that accepts a SparseArray
  • Clamp shininess to 0 to avoid GL error when shininess < 0
  • Fix various bugs in RopeNode and NurbsCurveEvaluator
  • Fix clock-mode Config.prc settings
  • NodePath render_mode setters no longer reset wireframe color
  • Fix constant reloading of texture when gl-ignore-mipmaps is set
  • BamReader now releases the GIL (so it can be used threaded)
  • Fix AttributeError in direct.stdpy.threading module

The Windows SDK has been updated to include Python 2.7.11 as well as the latest version of pip to make it easier to install other packages. The included NSIS version has been updated to 2.50.
We recommend using 1.9.2 for production purposes, but also check out the development builds of the upcoming 1.10 release to get a sneak peak of what’s coming!

3 thoughts on “SDK 1.9.2 Release

  1. David, which download are you using? I just double checked, and the 64-bit Panda3D 1.9.2 SDK for Windows contains converters for all Maya versions from 2008 through 2016. Perhaps you were looking at the 32-bit SDK, which does not contain these tools as Autodesk no longer supports 32-bit systems.
    The next Panda3D release will also contain converters for Maya 2016.5.

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