SDK 1.9.4 Release

Today, a new update to Panda3D 1.9 has been released. This release was made to fix a regression in 1.9.3 that occurred when generating geometry in the threaded pipeline, as well as a few other bugs. In the meantime, we’re still working hard on the 1.10 branch of Panda3D, which carries many exciting new developments and features.

  • Fix 1.9.3 regression with generating geometry in threaded pipeline
  • Various compile warning fixes
  • Fix occasional crash in PNMImage::quick_filter_from()
  • Fix issue taking screenshots from an OpenGL FBO buffer
  • Fix various issues with MeshDrawer
  • Fix issue with collision sphere generation in bam2egg
  • Fix compile errors with more obscure Python configurations
  • Fix assert when using Texture.load_sub_image to load whole image
  • Fix fsm FourState

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